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/ December, 2018
Christmas events near me today

If you are in Barcelona during Christmas and are looking for Christmas events you have plenty of options to explore. 

Across Barcelona you can find several traditional Christmas markets such as the Sagrada Familia Christmas Market and the across the charming Gothic district there are several small hidden markets. 

The oldest and most traditional Christmas market is La Fira de Santa Llúcia located in front of the Barcelona Cathedral in the gothic district, this Christmas market started around in 1786 making it the oldest Christmas market in Barcelona. 

In case you have no time to wander around looking for Christmas markets you can use the Sharify app to find the Christmas events near you in real time.  

While you are in Barcelona search for the mysterious figures of the Caganer and Caga Tió, in the middle of the nativity scene you see a little figure of a man doing his business next to a smiley piece of wood wearing a blanket. This is the funny part of something that supposed to be serious and these two characters are famous among kids, locals, and tourists   

After exploring the local Christmas events in Barcelona and buying your Caganer and Caga Tió you can enjoy the local night scene, contrary of many European capitals, Barcelona has a buzzing nightlife during Christmas, from little local bars from Eixample to Old Town to Barceloneta where all the clubs will be celebrating Christmas. 

If you are looking for Christmas events in Barcelona you won’t be disappointed. ✌️

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