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/ February, 2020
Things to do this March 2020 in Madrid

The good weather is getting closer and it’s time for new plans. Don’t stay at home.Check Sharify’s today events list.

1. Changing of the Guard at the Real Palace 

It’s like at Kings Alfonso XII y Alfonso XIII times again. Therefore on the 4th of March don’t miss the appointment at the Madrid Real Palace.
Enjoy the change of the Royal Guard and, besides, don’t forget to sightsee the capital city.

2. Engine Market

On the 7th and 8th of March, you’ve got an appointment with more than 200 designers. The engine market has come. It will be full of trains and food where you can shop for unique pieces. Are you in for some dance?

3. MadrEAT

Is your head already on the 3rd weekend of March? It’s MadrEAT time! It’s back to enjoying the excellent weather. It’s a monthly appointment with street food.

4. Madrid Pop Fest

Are you an indie-pop lover? In this case, the 10th edition of the Madrid Pop Fest it’s your event! On the 13th and 14th of March don’t stop dancing!
There will be a lot of national and international artists. This makes it a perfect combination. See you there?

5. Madrid Half Marathon

A new half marathon with about 2500 runners is coming. This is one of the unmissable events of March in Madrid. Grab your fitness outfit and run!

6. Madrid Yarn Festival

The first wool festival in Madrid made for you. If you like knitting and enjoying the best community, this is your event. Don’t dare to miss it!

7. Love Fem Festival

Women, art, music, tattoos are the main characters of this event. Loving what you do can create significant initiatives. Are you ready to try?

8. I Festival Sons of Rock

Are you a rock lover? This event’s for you! A weekend full of music. Live the first edition of the Festival sons of rock. Free your rocker soul!

9. Holi Festival

Spring is around the corner. For this, get out and join the most dynamic and colorful Indian festival. The Holi Festival is your event: full of colors and good vibes!

10. Game of Throne Expo

Are you an enthusiast? This March in Madrid, plunge into its universe. The city will host the leading expo about the serial. Are you ready?

11. Flight Exhibition

Sunday plan for the whole family, The biggest historic plane collection makes breathtaking silhouette and noises during the flight. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

12. El Rastro Market

It’s the most significant market in Madrid, with more than 400 of history. Do you like lively places? El Rastro Market is your event! Get ready to have a walk with your friends!

13. Painters Market

Sundays of painters. Conde de Barajas square is getting full of artists showing their pieces.
It’s a fantastic plan while you are enjoying the sun. See you there?

14. St. Patrick’s Ball

Are you looking for plans on St. Patrick’s day? This event joins the Irish business community with the Spanish one for a good cause. Enjoy tasty food and talks.

15. After Brunch 5th Anniversary After Carnival Party

After Brunch has a great start this 2020, it’s its 5th anniversary! Join the Invernadero Music at the Las Ventas Square. Are you want to miss it?


Are you interested in more events? You know where to go! Sharify app is the solution!

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