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/ March, 2020
Top 10 Series: The current best series

It’s time to be responsible and stay at home. Take this time for self-care, for family, for terminating a TV series, for cooking your favourite dish,… Sharify will be with you during these weeks, we will fight the boredom together!
Today we give you our top 10 of series, you can enjoy during these days of isolation.

1. Vis a Vis

All starts when Macarena enters to the Cruz del Sur prison. She is in for fraud, money cleaning and goods hiding. She thinks it’ everything a mistake and she will get out in a few days. But it won’t happen.
Day after day Macarena will switch from the naive woman she was into a selfish woman.

Where: Netflix

Genre: Dramatic ans Suspance

2. Casa de Papel

An organized thieves group have been holding for 5 months the theft of their lives to the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.
Everyone started loving Tokyo, Denver, Rio, Nairobi, el Profesor,… everyone is waiting with suspense the next season.

So, if you haven’t seen already Casa de Papel, it’s time to catch up and be ready for the new chapters on the 3rd of April.

Where: Netflix

Genre: Dramatic and Suspance

3. Bron (The Bridge)

There is a body at the middle o the bridge, which link Sweden to Denmark.
This is how this thriller, full of turn event, starts. Martin and Saga are the policemen in charge to find the psychopathic who ants to show to the world the modern social problems.

Where: Netflix

Genre:Detective, Thriller

4. Hunters

We are in New York, in the ‘70s. There is a hidden group of Nazi hunters and hundred of old high Nazi officers.
When the first find out the plan of creating a 4th Reich in the USA by the old Nazis, bloody hunting will start, the aim is to bring them to justice.

Where: Amazon Prime

Genre: Thriller

5. Westworld

Westworld it’s a futuristic thematic park, here the androids accompany the visitors, and they satisfy every their desire.

What will happen if the hosts become aware and they start acting with their free will?

Where: HBO

Genre: Science Fiction

6. Years and Years

Within the best last British series, there is, no doubt, Years and Years. Thanks to its mix of genres, this series was a revolution for the British critic.

During the 6 chapters, we live the routine of Lyon’s family and how the social, economic and political changes impact it.

Where: HBO

Genre: Family Drama

7. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon it’s one of the best futuristic series of the moment.
Imagine the world in 500 years: the men don’t die anymore, their mind is transferred to another body.
In this world, detective Takeshi Kovacs is investigating on a conspiracy.


Genre: Cyperpunk, Detective

8. Fleabag

The 4 Emmy winner series can’t be missed in our top list of the best series.

Fleabag is a 30 years old woman, who is passing through a life crisis, after losing her best friend.
She lives without overthinking, in balance within a pending economic failure, family dramas and love disappointment.

No moral judgment for her. Switch on the TV and live her life, surrounded by black humour.

Where: Amazon Prime

Genre: Dramatic, comedy

9. Death Note

Young Light finds a notebook in the yard of his school, the death note. The instructions claim that the person, whose name is written inside, will die.
Light decides to use the notebook to clean the world of the criminals. But, soon, the Interpool will put a hidden detective to investigate the cases.

Where: Netflix

Genre: Anime

10. Attack on Titans

Everything starts when young Eren Jeager decides to revenge his mother’s death and the destruction of his city, made by Titans.

Afterwards, he’ll find out he can turn into a Titan too. And this will change all the next events.

Where: Netflix

Genre: Anime

Our top 10 of the best series ends here. Have we forgotten someone? Which one is your favourite?

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