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/ July, 2020
10 Things you can do this Sant Jordi (Cancelled)

1. Literary Route

Barcelona was an inspiration site for many authors while they were creating their works, take a walk at the streets and destinations that illuminated the writers and feel part of their history. Celebrities such as the writer Vargas Llosa, J.V. Foix or Carlos Ruiz Zafón for example, used the avenues and routes of the Catalan capital to write their books.

10 cosas que hacer este Sant Jordi

2.Open bookstores

During this day, most of the bookstores in Barcelona open their doors. All of them decorated to celebrate the day of Sant Jordi on high. At popular prices people buy, swap, and read books everywhere. Therefore see the showcase or being able to access bookstores with years of history such as the Rodés bookstore are some things you can do on the day of the dragon and the rose.

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10 cosas que hacer este Sant Jordi

3.Open Museums

The museums and emblematic buildings of the city rarely have open days at the same time. Both MACBA and MNAC will be accessible. What’s more, the Güell Palace, the City Council, the modernist Sant Pau building, the National Library of Catalonia or the Ateneu are buildings that normally you have to pay to go in, but on this day all access are open therefore all the people who want to visit them and see how they are inside can do so without restrictions. Don’t miss this opportunity!

4. Gastronomic Route

During this special day, bars, cakestores, bakeries and even ice cream shops coincide to create original sweet recipes that we can taste for a small price. Cupcakes with the shape of a rose, biscuitslooking like a book, ice cream made with berries and petals are just some of the examples that we are talking about, let yourself fall in love with this flavours and explore Barcelona looking for best ones this day.

10 cosas que hacer en Sant Jordi

5. Decorate and prepare your home

As we have already mentioned before, on Sant Jordi day all Barcelona dresses up and your house cannot be less. Create ideas with your family, alone or with friends and show off your decoration to the world. For instance, garlands, decorations made with flowers, award-winning terraces and things for the little ones in the house. On this day full of love, literature and rose petals give a new touch to your home and make sure to celebrate it

10 cosas que hacer este Sant Jordi

6. Visit the flowershops of la Rambla

Along the Rambla there are some stalls that stand out above the others, the flower shops. Glazed enclosures that shine and attract the attention for the bright colors of the flowers they sell. Flowers of all types and species. From small to large, with or without thorns, each and every one of them is sold to make the day more colorful. During this day, be sure to visit them and take a couple of photos over there. You will not regret it.

7. Workshops near Arc del Triomf

Because of the Sant Jordi day, thousands of people take the streets, adults and children. What better than entering the environment or feeling part of the day than doing some workshops. On the Sant Joan avenue, right next to the Arc del Triomf, there are some workshops in Sant Jordi where you can learn how to make handicrafts, feel like a knight for once or paint your face with the colors of the day of the rose. Little ones or old ones may participate. Join and be part of the party!

8. Take a break in Gracia

After an intense day you deserve a break, the Gràcia squares are an ideal place to take it. Refresh yourself while you are surrounded by the atmosphere of Sant Jordi, bookstores, decorated shops, a good atmosphere and without a doubt, one of the best places to take a breather and rest before starting off again.

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10 cosas que hacer este Sant Jordi

9. Author Signatures

Despite the fact that this year you will surely have to make an appointment. The authors will continue to attend at one of the most important literary events of the year in Catalonia. So if you want one of your favorite authors to sign that book that you like so much, on the 24th you will be able to see some of them on the boulevard, always, to clarify , keeping the security measures and conditions of each stop.

10 cosas que hacer este Sant Jordi

10. Give roses or Books

As is already known , during the Sant Jordi celebration you can breathe romance and literature, love and tradition and one of the most symbolic gifts is the rose and the book. Give a rose to all those you love, or a book instead and open the doors to new worlds. On this emblematic day, do not run out of words, make her or him know in the best way.

10 cosas que hacer este Sant Jordi

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