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/ March, 2020
10 activities for the International Women Day in Barcelona

Since years women fight for their rights and equality, and the fight hasn’t ended yet. Even if we have to remember it every day, the 8th of Mach is the chosen day as the International Women Day.

During the whole month, there are lots of cultural events connected to the 8th of March. Here is our selection!

1. Vermuteo Solidari del Raval ed. DONES

On the 7th of March, there is the special edition of the Vermut Solidario en el Ateneu del Raval. That is a tribute to women, the day before the 8M. Come to dance and enjoy with two great musicians: Bulle Aporriao y Sukarije.

2. Creative sessions networking special Women Day 

Imagincafè celebrates Women Day with 3 creative communities. There will be shesaid.so, ZURDA y Ladies, Wine & Design – Barcelona, in addition to the founder of the music magazine Musical Qualsevol Nit, Paula Pérez. With the last one, you will learn how to catch the journalists’ attention to your project. We can’t forget Charlotte Schneider’s workshop. She will help us to relax and connect with our bodies. An excellent opportunity to learn from professional women!

3.  Estrogenfest 2020

The 6th edition of the Estrogenfest has come. The event celebrates the artistic women with music, visual art, and crafters. Come and share your project!

4. Ruda Fem. Fest: Cicle de lletres feministes de La Carbonera

Ruda Fem Fest it’s a festival dedicates to women of the literary world and, it has come to its 3rd edition. During the whole month, women will talk about feminism. An event you won’t miss!

5. Full Moon Run: Special Women Day Edition 

This is a special edition for women day, the only light will be the moon. A race run by women, where there will be no music, no timers, no winners. Enjoy the experience with all your senses.

6. Around the world in 80 days 

“Around the world in 80 days” it’s a theatre piece that will bring you to the 5 continents. 80 women bear their testimony, and you will find out how their actions left a footprint nowadays. See you at la Sala Atrium!

7. Petites històries, grans dones 2020 (Small stories, big women 2020)

Is there a better day than the 8th of March to learn about the most important women in history? You will find tales about them in different museums of Barcelona, like the MNAC or the Museo Marítimo.

8. Akelarre

Questions, issues raised, the why and the essence of feminism. On Women Day, this mix of shows will let us talk about freedom and find it. Enjoy cabaret, comedy, hooliganism,..everything in one play! 

9. Muses. De l’ombra a la llum

A photography exhibition in different areas of the Gothic neighborhood The assembly made by the photographer Marta Fàbregas is part of the Setba Foundation project, which wants to bring to light the male violence.

The act terminates on the 10th of March when there will be a hang of posters in the urban space. An empowerment act and a joint report.

10. Women Day demonstration in Barcelona

The Women Day demonstration starts at 17 in Plaza Universitat. Barcelona will turn into violet.


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