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/ March, 2020
The best premiere series of this November 2020

We bring you the best series premiering this November 2020. Enjoy a good time with our selection of series to watch.

1. The Crown

Among the best Netflix series, we can mention The Crown. From next Sunday, November 15th, we will be able to enjoy their fourth season from the sofa at home. The plot focuses on political rivalries and personal romances during the reign of Elizabeth II.

The British drama has received a positive reception from the critics over the 3 seasons. It Will be one of the best series of this November 2020? Keep an eye on Netflix!


2. How to get away with a Murder

The last season of the American series How to get away with a murderer arrives at Netflix. On 24 November we will say a final goodbye to the group of law students and their mysterious criminal defence teacher, Annalise. In total, we will enjoy 15 new episodes, completing a total of 90 episodes in six seasons. Don’t miss out on the students’ last semester at school.


3. Harrow

Daniel Harrow is the most awaited by Amazon Prime Video lovers. His contempt for authority and his passion for the dead will make him solve the strangest cases, also in season 2. A set of 10 episodes full of mystery and intrigue will make you stay on the couch. 

4. Modern Family

Ready for a chapter marathon? On 3 November we will enjoy the return of the three non-traditional families. The premiere of the eleventh season of Modern Family comes to HBO.

With numerous awards and nominations, the American series has achieved unprecedented success. A comedy you can’t miss. With a total of 245 chapters, one of the best HBO series is now available in Spain.


5. Outlander

Netflix opens the fourth season of Outlander on 5 November. It will be on the theme of “home”. In it, Yocasta, Jamie’s aunt, played by Maria Doyle Kennedy, will play a leading role. The aim is to return to Claire’s time, 1948, where both find freedom. Don’t miss one of the best series of November and accompanies at Jaime and Claire at his course!

6. Romulus

HBO opens this November with the premiere of the new Romulus series. Set in the 8th century BC, it tells the story of the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome.

A curiosity is that the HBO series is entirely shot in Latin. So, if you want to know a story based on courage and brotherhood, Romulus is your perfect plan.

7. Madres. Amor y Vida

The premiere of the second season of the hospital drama that Marián (Belén Rueda) and her friends are experiencing is approaching. The emotional series produced by Mediaset is an ode to those people who have given us life. Leaving behind their jobs and practically their lives, five mothers will go to great lengths for the well-being of their children. You can’t miss one of the best November 2020 series (13/11) on Amazon Prime.


8. “Los Favoritos de Midas” mini series

The 6-part mini-series is about blackmail; money in exchange for the death of random people. It will be the so-called “Los Favoritos de Midas” who will carry out these murders. Will Victor Genovés (Luis Tosar) be able to bear the weight that falls on his shoulders? Sign up for Netflix on 11 November so you don’t miss out. 


9. A Teacher

The new series of HBO; A Teacher comes to our screens next November 11th. The series tells a daring love story between a high school teacher and her student. Claire and Eric start a secret relationship and go beyond certain limits. For Claire, love becomes an obsession. Subtle, refined and elegant manipulation is about to begin.

10. Todo por el juego

“Todo por el juego” will show us how Mariano’s kind personality will end up becoming something dark. Football, mafias and betting. This is what Mariano faces when he becomes president of a club. Amazon brings us one of the good series this November 6, 2020.


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