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/ March, 2020
Coronavirus: 10 plans home based

The COV19 alert made our stay at home. But don’t despair, you can dedicate this free time to new activities, discover how beautiful it is to enjoy time without hurry.
We stay at home to avoid spreading the pandemic. Here you have our home-based plans to get the positiveness from the confinement.

1. Cook something special

Are you a pizza addicted? Do you love cakes and biscuits? Use this time to find out new recipes, to cook something tasty for your flatmates, your family, your partner or better to indulge.

2. Do workout

Stay at home, cooking and eating it’s incredible! But, it’s better to workout to increase endorphins, our humour and immunity defences. During these days a lot of personal trainers, dance schools, pilates and more are loading on RRSS some home workout. Enjoy and keep yourself fit.

3. Take care of plants

In a few days, it’s springtime. This forced stop for the human being hasn’t stopped nature. It’s blooming more than ever. For this, do you think about a better time to dedicate to your plants? Take care of them and create your private garden. How is it?

4. Watch a series with your friends

Even if we can not meet, technology help us to stay connected. So, why don’t you organize a marathon of the best series? You need to agree on day and time, and you can comment together through Whatsapp or Facebook Time.

5. Read a book

How many books have you downloaded in your Ebook? Admit it! Since when, do you have that book taking dust on your nightstand? No more excuses, now you can take your time to enjoy your favourite readings.

6. Keep travelling at your home

Are you part of the Wanderlust generation too? Don’t feel lost.
Thanks to UNESCO, we can keep travelling from our homes. Indeed UNESCO has offered free access to its Digital Library. And, not to let the quarantine killing our curiosity, use Google Earth to visit the corrals, the Caribbean beaches or the Alps. Once this is over, have you already organized your next travel?

7. Calm down your anxiety with the mindfulness and yoga

The current situation is provoking a lot of anxiety and fear. Enjoy your time at home practising yoga and meditation. You can find a lot of videos on the internet. Learn to know yourself better. Everything it’s going to be alright.

8. Streaming music festivals

The music won’t be missing during these weeks. There are streaming music festivals, as the Cuarentena Fest,from the 16th till the 27th of March and the #YoMeQuedoEnCasaFestival, where every weekend different artists will play. Let’s enjoy live music from home!

9. Aperitif with your friends

Ok, we cannot get out. But this doesn’t mean we need to give up on the aperitif with our friends. Organize a video call with your group of friends, everyone brings his beer, and enjoy time together as you would be at the usual pub. In the end, what matters it’s with who not where.

10. Let’s go to the theatre

Let’s go to the theatre, but staying at home. The Teatroteca gave free access to hundreds of online theatre show for free. Get yourself comfortable, the shows begin!

Sharies! We are going to miss nothing during these weeks of confinement. Follow us on our social media for more ideas and, for sure, every day you can find ten new home-based plans in Sharify App

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