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/ July, 2020
10 Themed bars in Barcelona

In this article we will show you 10 of the best themed Bars in Barcelona that you can’t miss

Ice bars, fantasy places or movie locations where you can enjoy having a drink with a good enviroment

1. Pudding

Do you want to have a coffee and play board games under the mushrooms of Alice in Wonderland or have a piece of cake with views of Hogwarts Castle? Then you will love the Pudding bar. Located on Vía Laietana and Diagonal, with excellent service, enjoy the best fantasy decorations meanwhile you are choosing from a wide variety of sweets. Delve into these fantasy worlds and live a unique experience.

10 Themed Bars in Barcelona

2. Soda Bus

Eat a hamburger or have a Gin Tonic as if you were on the streets of London. With a very British appearance, Soda Bus offers you an alternative to a conventional restaurant. Get in the car at this iconic bar and choose from its fun menu and enjoy a meal or a cocktail with a soundtrack chosen by the owners. An authentic Old School experience.

10 Themed Bars in Barcelona

3. Bharma

Lost? Imagine entering an atmosphere worthy of Hollywood, an adventure in which you delve into the universe of the Lost series. At Bharma, we will find a fantastic panorama, accompanied by a very good atmosphere. Decorated with elements from the series as well as cocktails and a soundtrack that immerse us in the cinematic universe of one of Hollywood’s serial hits.

4. Ice Bar

Stay frozen visiting one of the most iconic bars in Barcelona. This cocktail bar located in the Vila Olímpica area contrasts radically with the outside. Completely made of ice, enjoy the experience of having a drink in Antarctica! You will not regret it. Prepare your coat and go on a sub-zero adventure.

10 Themed Bars in Barcelona

5. Obama Bar

Have you ever wondered how a Pub in Central Africa looks like? Enter Obama, a Pub in the purest African style, enjoy its decoration, varied cocktails and sometimes live music. Located on Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, Obama offers us an unequaled and unique environment marked by the colors of the African continent.

6. Rajah’s Cave

Do you have the an explorer soul? Do you like caves and archaeological places? You came to the right place. In the Rajahs cave you can enjoy the experience of drinking a cocktail under an artificial cave. Bring out your adventurous side and enter the interiors of a route full of stalactites and candles. For a small price, enjoy a unique atmosphere accompanied by the best soundtrack. Roll up and take out the Indiana Jones inside you.

10 Themed Bars in Barcelona

7. Garrafa Beatles

Located in the Les Glòries neighborhood, this pub with details of London bar will make you feel on the very Abbey Road. The unmistakable soundtrack of the British band accompanies the atmosphere. Juan and Ricky, the local owners, have been playing live since their adventure in the world of pubs began. Posters, autographs, photos and even a marriage certificate by Jonh Lennon and Yoko Ono are the elements that decorate this place and make it especially unique. If you are a fan, you cannot miss it.

8. Pub Fiction

The legendary film directed by Quentin Tarantino and co-starring John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson comes to life in the heart of Barcelona. Located in Gràcia, this bar has gained fame for its popular mojitos and its variety of cocktails. Enjoy a great experience accompanied by an authentic soundtrack chosen especially by the owners. Feel like a star in a movie.

10 Themed Bars in Barcelona

9. El Bosc de les Fades

Right next to the Barcelona wax museum, under the shadow of a small bridge, there is a small forest inhabited by magical beings and fantastic animals. The so-called Bosc de les fades is a bar set in the magical world of forest nymphs. In it, you can enjoy a drink while you enter this fantasy world. In addition, every few hours an artificial rain will fall on him and make you feel part of this world. Let your imagination run wild and enter this fantastic environment.

10 Themed Bars in Barcelona

10. Vueling

Attention passengers, what are you gonna drink? This is one of the questions that they could ask us inside this restaurant because Vueling is one of tha places that decide to play hard. In this place you can have a drink inside an airplane! Yes, as you read, it is decorated with all the parts that represent the interior of a current airplane. So you can accommodate and give free rein to your imagination while you think, for instance, that you are flying over cities with the best setting.

10 Themed Bars in Barcelona

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