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/ January, 2021
10 things to do in Madrid on Sunday

The weekend has arrived, and the willingness to stay in bed is firm. But, plans in Madrid don’t stop, you cannot miss what the city can offer on Sundays. Find out the best things to do in Madrid on Sunday

1. Visit the market El Rastro.

The most famous plan on Sundays in Madrid is the Rastro Market. There is nothing better for shopping addicted to getting lost in its narrows. Here you can find everything: second-hand clothes and new ones, pieces of jewellery, vinyl and all you cannot find in conventional shops. And, when you are tired, you can relax with a beer at one of the many bars of La Latina.

Sunday in Madrid

2. Visit museums for free.

Make your Sunday a cultural day. A lot of museums have free entry on Sundays. Take advantage of it. You can enjoy the Prado Museum from 17 till 19. The Reina Sofia can be visited for free on Sundays from 13.30 to 19. You can also see the expositions at the Museum of Public Art and the Casa Encendida. Don’t miss the best exhibition in Madrid.

3. Ride your bike

Is it a sunny Sunday? It’s the perfect day to go out and enjoy the green cycle ring in Madrid. It’s a circular bike lane of 65 km, surrounded by green areas.

4. Have a brunch

Brunch culture hit the capital too. Madrid offers many places to enjoy a fantastic one with your family and friends, take note of some of the best ones: Habanera, Frida, Bendita Locura.

5. Have a picnic

Spring in Madrid is lovely. And the best way to enjoy it to take a sandwich and a blanket and go to places like El Pardo, Rascarías o la Pedriza. Leave behind cars and city noise.

6. Breakfast with churros con chocolate

The best winter plan in Madrid is to have breakfast with Churros and hot chocolate. Madrid offers many spots for it. But, one of the most famous is the bakery of San Ginés.

7. Have a beer

One of the most famous Spanish plans is “Ir de cañas” (to go for some beers). And there is no better place in Madrid than the La Latina neighbourhood. Good vibes and laughs to load the batteries before the week start.


8. Go hiking to the Sierra.

The Sierra of Madrid offers many places to enjoy nature. Besides, you can have fun at one of the many adventure parks in the area.

9. Visit the Bosque Encantado

Get lost in the unique botanic garden in Europe. Here you can find sculptures, waterfalls and relaxing pathway. It’s a perfect plan close to Madrid for a Sunday.

10. Admire the stars from the Planetario

It’s well-known that to see stars in the city is very difficult, due to the lights. But, there is a magic place where you can see them all: the planetarium in Madrid. Spend you Sunday discovering the mysteries of the sky.


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