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/ September, 2019
12 Tips for Barcelona Newbies

Are you new in Barcelona? Moving to a new city is exciting and overwhelming, we get you! To help you settle in as smoothly as possible we’ve put together a list of 12 tips for Barcelona newbies.

1. Bicing: Bike share

If you want access to a bike without all the responsibility, consider signing up for Bicing. From 35€, and your NIE or DNI, you too can cruise around the city like a local.

Here’s a tip: sometimes stations will have no bikes, while others will be full, meaning you can’t park your bike there; in both cases, you’ll have to look for another station. Luckily their app will help you locate the nearest one!

2. Wallapop: Buy and sell used good

Every city has online spaces where people can find and sell things they no longer want. Although Craigslist is also used in Barcelona, a more common and local app is Wallapop.

3. Free museum entry days

Want to visit the Picasso Museum but don’t want to spend 12€? Lucky for you, most of the museums in Barcelona have free entry on certain days of the month. For the Picasso Museum it’s Thursdays from 18:00-21:30 and every first Sunday of the month from 9:00-20:30. Get your tickets in advance online because they do sell out. There are other many plans you can do for free in Barcelona, have a look!

4. Tap water: To drink or not to drink?

Although the Barcelona tap water is treated and safe to drink, many don’t like its chlorine taste. Instead of spending money, carrying heavy bottles and adding to plastic waste, consider buying a water filter and a refillable water bottle. Both of these items can be found at big supermarkets like Carrefour. When you’re out and about, you can refill your bottle at one of the public fountains, which are safe to drink from.


5. Rentable electric scooters

If you’ve got a driver’s license and want to zoom around the city, you should sign up for an electric scooter share like Yego or eCooltra. That’s one of the best way to move fast and green around the city!


6. TCasual metro ticket 

Even if you rarely take the metro, it’s worth having a TCasual. A single ride ticket will cost you 2.40€, while a TCasual/1Zona (which gives you 10 rides), is only 11.35€. At half the price per journey, it’s a no-brainer. Also, they’re shareable, so you can ride with a friend!


7. Things are closed on Sundays

Depending on where you’re from this may not come as a surprise. But if it does, remember that major supermarkets, most shops, especially big chains and even a lot of restaurants, are closed on Sundays.

8. Sant Antoni second-hand book market

While most things are closed on Sundays, the San Antoni second-hand book market is bustling. Who knows what treasures are waiting to be discovered at this weekly event?


9. Where to work out: Andjoy app 

There is no shortage of gyms in Barcelona, but if you can’t make up your mind, you can download the Andjoy app, previously Gym for Less. Depending on which subscription you choose, priced between 50-119€/month, you get access to a ton of gyms and classes around the city, along with a training plan and support community.

If you prefer outdoor training, have a look to Everywhere Gym, enjoy many workouts all around the city!


10. Outdoor drinking: Is it legal?

With all the cervezas being sold on the street and at the beach you’d think drinking in public was legal in Barcelona, but it isn’t. If the law is enforced, you could find yourself with a fine of 50€. Just a heads up!


11. Learn Catalan for (basically) free

Can you get by in Barcelona with just Spanish? Definitely. But do you want to learn a new language, get a deeper understanding of another culture and connect with Catalan locals? Then consider taking a Catalan course! Heavily subsidized by the government, beginner-intermediate level classes cost under 15€. You can find a list of courses around you here.


12. Sharify app 

Last but not least, you have Sharify! If you want a live map of cool things happening all around Barcelona, and people to remember to have a look at your Sharify app!