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/ June, 2020
Madrid Day Pride 2021. What to do.

Hello Sharies! This is the most crucial month for the LGTBQA+ community: Pride month.
The Comité, who organizes the Pride Day in Madrid, announced that events are back, during the traditional period: from the 25th of June till the 4th of July.
The focus of this year will be the release of an integral law for Trans people. But, all the acts will be done respecting the restrictions anti-COVID-19.

1. Chueca’s Pride

The most famous celebrations of Pride Day in Madrid start on the 25th of June. There will be acts and events in the emblematic neighbourhood of La Chueca.

2. Pregón

On the 30th of June, there will be the “Pregón” (street seller’s cry), which started the Pride Claim.

3. Madrid Summit

The Human Rights International Conference starts on the 1st of July. A debate about the pandemic situation and the problems it has created for the LGTBQA+ community.

4. Mr Gay Pride España

The beauty contest will bring out the participant to the international competitions: Mr Gay World y Mr Gay Europe. The contenders have been selected during the different competitions around the Country.

5. Manifestation

The central act of the celebrations for Pride Day in Madrid will be on the 3rd of July. The event will fulfil the city of claim and freedom without forgetting the security restrictions

6. Closure MADO

The final event will be on the 4th of July.

All the celebrations will respect the security protocol for the Covid-19. The Comité presents the detailed program during the following days. The goal is to claim the rights of the weakest without forgetting the sanitary situation.

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