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/ March, 2019
8 Sports apps for Living in Barcelona

Sports Apps in Barcelona

Barcelona is an active city and Sharify has created a list of sports apps that will help you make the most of what Barcelona has to offer. If you’re a local or expat in Barcelona, these mobile apps will help you navigate the sports and activities here in the city. From planning a football game, to keeping up with FC Barcelona, to discovering a hiking trail in Spain, this list has got it covered.

Plan a Game

1. Artós Sports Club App

Paddle is big in Barcelona, and the Artós Sports Club App makes it easy to reserve a paddle tennis court at Artos Sports Club! On the app you can reserve a court ahead of time for you and your friends.

Gym Memberships

2. Gympass

If you’re looking for a gym membership but don’t want to commit to just one place, Gympass is the app for you. With Gympass, you pay a monthly fee that gives you access to 1900 different gyms in Spain. It’s great for people who like to switch up their workout routines. Use Gympass to find fitness centers near where you live, work or study.

3. GymForLess

Do you like to switch up your workout routine and try different workout classes? GymForLess gives you unlimited access to gyms and studios in Spain for a monthly fee.

Keep up with the Big Leagues

4. FC Barcelona Official App

If you’re a Barça fan, the FC Barcelona app is a must download. Use the app to keep up with the latest FC Barcelona news, the match schedules, the player profiles and real-time updates on game day! The app also features news and updates for other sports teams in Barcelona, such as women’s football, Barça, basketball and more.

5. LaLiga Official App

The LaLiga app keeps users up-to-date on all the Spanish and international football news. The app features the schedules, results, live goals and highlights for teams all over Europe. You’ll impress your friends with your football knowledge all from an app on your phone.

Outdoor Sports Apps

6. Wikiloc

The Wikiloc app is great for discovering and sharing outdoor trails in Barcelona for hiking, biking and other activities. Using the app, you can create your own GPS tracks, use the offline maps for outdoor navigation or search for trails near you. It’s a great community for sharing outdoor adventures.

7. Bicing

Bicing is a bicycle sharing system throughout the city of Barcelona. The app lets users locate bikes in real-time so that they can easily grab a bike at any time. It’s a great way to get from point A to B while enjoying the Barcelona whether.

Sports Communities

8. The Sharify App

The Sharify App has online communities for all types of activities in Barcelona. Whether you’re a runner, yogi, football player or ping pong fanatic, Sharify has an online community to meet people with similar interests. Create events on the app to go for a run, play a pick up soccer game or to meet at a bar to watch a game. Download from the App Store or Google Play.