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/ March, 2021
Women’s day in Barcelona. What to do?

Since years women fight for their rights and equality, and the fight hasn’t ended yet. Even if we have to remember it every day, the 8th of Mach is the chosen day as the International Women’s Day.

During the whole month, there are lots of cultural events, for women’s day in Barcelona, connected to the 8th of March. Here is our Sharify’s selection!

1. Women’s day in MNAC

For Women’s Day in Barcelona, ​​the Museu Nacional de Catalunya has prepared a series of activities. In this way, it shows its involvement with society, and promotes the fight against discrimination against women. For this reason, on March 7, the museum will open its doors for free from 10am to 3pm.

In addition, we will be able to enjoy the exhibition “L’empremta de les dones artistes a la Barcelona de postguerra”. It is a sample of small catalogs, which give visibility to the artistic activity of women in the city during the post-war period.


2. “Petites històries grans dones” 

For the fourth consecutive year, and this year online, “Petites històries, grans dones” is being held. It is about several video stories of the 9 museums that participate in this initiative. Each museum prepares its own video story that connect women to the museum’s theme. These stories will be broadcast on YouTube every day at 6:00 p.m. between March 8 and 16.


3. Las Karamba concert

On March 6, Las Karamba will make you dance to the rhythm of sound, cha-cha, timba and rap. The incredible women in this group have come from all over the world to tell us their stories. The appointment is at the Tomasa Cuevas Civic Center – Les Corts. What are you going to miss?


4. “Fera y las Disidentes” y Marina Herlop concert

On March 5, the concert of “Fera y las Disidentes” and Marina Herlop is held in Canòdrom de Barcelona. It is a way of vindicating the need for a feminine look at technology. Before the concert, the event will feature speeches by Thais Ruiz de Alda and Eduard Escoffet. A mix of music, technology and cyberfeminism.


5. Cineforum “8M: Dones, art, resistència” 

On March 9, shorts directed or starred by Palestinian women will be screened. In the format of social activism, it makes a historical review of the various realities they face. It will take place at Zumzeig Cinecooperativa SCCL.


6. Feminist March in libraries

The libraries of Barcelona join the fight for equality between men and women. This March we will find conferences, children’s activities, recitals and much more! Check here the list of activities.


7. “Barcelona Fotògrafes”

Starting on March 6, in front of the Born CCM, the exhibition “Barcelona Fotògrafes” will be held. An exhibition that traces the history of the city and vindicates the role of women in photography.



Until March 15, you can enjoy the play ESTIgMES directed by Francesc Cuéllar and starring Concha Milla. The play tells us about the stigmas that are placed on women who want to be mothers, but cannot. You can already see it in the Flyhard room.


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