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/ June, 2020
Barcelona Museums are open again

Sharies, finally June is here and so is the museums opening in Barcelona!
Today we tell you the museums and exhibitions which are back from the 2nd of June. And, of course, all their discounts.

1. Caixaforum

From the 1st of June, CaixaForum opens again in Barcelona and the rest of the region. It reopens with the exhibitions: “Dónde estamos, dónde podríamos estar” (We are we, and where we could be) and “Objetos de deseo” (Desired objects). To avoid the lie, we suggest you get your ticket online.

2. MUHBA and Museu del Disseny

The Barcelona History Museums reopens in Plaza del Rei. There won’t be any audio guides nor flyer for security reason. Therefore, we recommend you to have a look at their web page to complete your visit.


From the 3rd of June, you can visit the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona again. You will be able to visit the permanent exhibitions and the one dedicated to the Greek sculpture Takis.
MACBA is still for free on Saturdays afternoon, but it offers an additional 50% discount on its general ticket.


MNAC opens again from the 10th of June with a new timetable, available on their website. You can visit the collection and exhibitions dedicated to Aurèlia Muñoz and a tribute to Oriol Vilapuig. Besides, the museum offers an additional bus service to facilitate the connection with Plaza España on weekends.

5. Born CCM

From the 2nd of June, you can enjoy again the Born Cultural Center. The centre’s aim is to remember the past of each community. On Sundays, afternoon entrance is for free. But you can still have a virtual visit of the 1700 Barcelona.

6. Museu Picasso

Picasso museum opens from the 12th of June to commemorate the donation done by Picasso to Barcelona, in 1970.
To celebrate this success, they started the campaign: “Sempre hi ha un Picasso per descobrir, “There is always a Picasso to discover”.


On the 12th of June, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània of Barcelona opens again too. They will present the “Gameplay” exhibition, but they will keep offering online content too.

8. Fundació Vila Casas

The foundation Vila Casas and the museums Can Framis and Espacios Volart, open their door again on the 12th of June. They are preparing the exhibitions dedicated to Guerrero Medina and Enrique Ansesa.

9. La Virreina y Centre d’Art Contemporani

The Centre d’Art Contemporani y la Virreina reopen their door on the 9th of June. There will be 4 exhibithions: ‘Sisters!’, by Barbara Hammer; ‘El tercer estado’, by Daniel G. Andújar; ‘Sobre la fotografía’, by Susan Sontag, and ‘El bar de la señora Olvido’, by Rafael Bernis.

10. Foto Colectania

Starting from Wednesday 3rd of June, the activities at Foto Colectania begin again. It reopens its door with the exhibition dedicated to the Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama.

These are the museums that will reopen their doors this June. These museums return with some measures like limited capacity and reduced schedules, which will be changing throughout the de-climbing. And remember sharies, in the app you can find all the events of your city!

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