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/ March, 2021
The best cinemas in Barcelona

The best cinemas in Barcelona for the most cinephiles or to see the latest releases.

1. Balmes Multiplex V.O.

Starting with one of the newest cinemas in Barcelona to see the premieres of the moment in V.O.

Balmes Multiplex , has 12 projection rooms with the ability to project in 3D. If you are one of those who like to see movies in original version, this is your cinema. All the the films broadcasted in the cinema are in original version. Furthermore, it is the only cinema in Barcelona that offers all movies in their original version, with surround sound technology: Dolby Atmos.

The cinema is located on Balmes Street 422-424. You can arrive by public transport with buses V15 and 131, or with the FGC line L7 to Putxet. It can also be reached by car, since the same cinema has a parking lot.


2. Bosque Multiplex

Among the cinemas in Barcelona, ​​we can’t forget the Bosque Multiplex, a centenary cinema in the heart of Gràcia that is still active. This cinema has 9 rooms with the option of 3D projection. In addition, Room 1 is equipped with Dolby Atmos, to offer the best surround sound. You can enjoy the latest releases as well as operas, ballets and concerts.

The cinema is located in the heart of Vila de Gràcia, and can be accessed by car as it has a parking lot. However, if you prefer, you can get there by metro (L3-Fontana), FGC (Gràcia) or bus (V17, 22, 24, 27, 32, 114).


3. Arenas de Barcelona Multiplex

The Arenas de Barcelona Cinema is located in the Plaça d’Espanya, facing Montjuic, in the Las Arenas shopping center. Las Arenas de Barcelona is an old bullring, converted into a shopping center. So apart from going to the movies, you have good places to have dinner and go shopping. In addition, the last floor of Las Arenas, has a 360º terrace to see Barcelona.

The cinema has 12 rooms equipped with 3D technology to see the premieres of the moment as well as operas, ballets and concerts. You can get there by metro (L1, L3), by bus or by FGC (to Plaza España). However, for those who want to go by car, with the ticket you have 3 hours of free parking.


4. Aribau Multiplex

Among the best cinemas in Barcelona, ​​we find the Aribau Multiplex, which combines technology with the magic of a cinema from the 60’s. The cinema has 4 modern rooms and a room that maintains the original structure of 1962. Imagine for a moment going back to the 60s?

The cinema is located at Aribau Street 5, 8-10 and you can get there with metro (L1, L2), FGC (Plaça Catalunya), Rodalies and by bus.


5. Glòries Multiplex

Glòries Multiplex, is the first renovated multiplex in Barcelona. It has 8 rooms with the latest 3D technologies. In addition, it is very comfortable as it has all the comforts of the Glòries shopping center. So if you want a dinner and cinema plan, Glòries multiplexes is your option.

You can get there with metro (L1), by bus and by tram. Also for those who prefer the car, the shopping center offers 2 hours of free parking.


6. Gran Sarrià Multiplex

A few minutes from Sarrià, we find these 8-screen cinemas. All of them are digitized and have 3D technology. Apart from the big premieres, shows, ballets and concerts are also broadcast. After the cinema we recommend a walk through the charming neighborhood of Sarrià.

You can get there with FGC (Tres Torres) or by bus. However, this cinema does not have it’s own parking, so going by car can be more risky.

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7. Cinemes Verdi

In the heart of Vila de Gràcia, we find the Verdi Cinemas. These cinemas have 5 screening rooms to see the latest releases. In addition, it’s located in a neighborhood with a lot of life, which will allow you to make good plans for dinner or going for a drink afterwards. In addition to the premieres, it also offers opera in the mornings and movie classics on certain days of the week.

Located at 32 Verdi street, you can get there by metro (L3 – Fontana) at FGC (Gràcia) and by bus. We do not highly recommend driving there as it can be difficult to find parking in the center of Gràcia.

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8. Phenomena

This small one-room cinema is located near the Sagrada Família. The Phenomena room is equipped with the latest technologies. The room offers everything from blockbusters to great classics. In addition, it stands out for its vintage-style lobby with original movie posters.

Located at 168 Sant Antoni Maria Claret street, you can get there by metro (L5 and L2) and by bus.


9. Cinemes Girona

The Girona cinema rooms have been active for 25 years. Now renovated, they have become a multicultural space. On its billboard it offers European and international cinema titles. It also offers festivals, Catalan cinema and children’s cinema.

At the foot of the Gràcia neighborhood, you can get there by metro (L5) and by bus.

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10. Cinema Maldà

This cinema was inaugurated in 1945. It occupies the space that was previously the house of the Barón de Maldà. Located inside the Maldà galleries, you can find some of the most curious shops in Barcelona. It’s known for screening many European and international independent cinema films.

The cinema is located in the Gothic Quarter very close to the Ramblas. You can get there by metro (L3) and by bus. It is also worth seeing the neighborhood and the Pi Church that is right next to it.

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11. Yelmo Comedia

In the heart of Passeig de Gràcia, we find the Yelmo Comedia cinemas. They are located in the Marcet Palace, a luxurious building from the 80s. Before being a cinema, the building housed a theater that later in 1960 was turned into a cinema. Yelmo Comedia, offers premiere films as well as other cultural projections.

Located on Passeig de Gràcia 13, you can get there by metro, bus, FGC and Renfe. You can also enjoy the center of Barcelona with all its commercial and gastronomic offer.

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