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/ May, 2020
The best libraries in Barcelona

Are you books addicted? If yes, this article is perfect for you.
Here you have the ten best libraries in Barcelona.

1. Haiku Barcelona

Haiku Barcelona is more than a simple library. Here you can discover Japan thought its books, gastronomy and art. Don’t lose the opportunity of a literary journey to this wonderful country!

2. The Tintín Shop

The Tintín Shop is the first shop in Spain, totally dedicated to Tintín. At Tintín Shop you can find all books in several languages, posters, t-shirts and many more. We are talking about a real paradise, this is for sure one of the best libraries in Barcelona.

3. Librería Documenta

The library Documenta is part of Barcelona since 1975.
It was opened to give the city a space dedicated to different arts: literature, philosophy, poetry, and many more. After years, they founded the homonyms award, which is direct to young artists.
Don’t miss this 360° culture point!

4. Fabre

Fabre is the oldest library in Barcelona. The library is in the Eixample district, and it was funded in 1960.
Its specializations are German books, toys and gift items. Even if they have some national products, most of them are imported from Germany and Austria.
In the end, if you are looking for the best libraries in Barcelona, you cannot skip this historical corner!

5. Al Lots

Al Lots is specialized in Children’s and Young People’s Literature. During regular days, you can enjoy books clubs for every age: adults and children!
Al Lots is a fascinated place, where they do the most fantastic job: get closer to children and books.

6. La Dolce Vita library

La Dolce Vita is two years old, and it’s in Raval. This library is specialized in buy and sell books in different languages. Its clients are enthusiastic; you cannot lose the chance to have a look inside!

7. Punt I a Part library

In the Esquerra del Eixample district we cannot avoid mentioning the Punt I a Part library. It’s one of the best in Barcelona. Here you can find products of all types: books, original gift items, table games for all the family.


8. El Gat Pelut

Walking through Les Corts, El Gat Pelut library appears.
Here you find books for all, from 0 until 99 years old, even if their best is children literature.
This library is perfect to have a coffee while reading your favourite book or choose your next adventure!

9. Al Peu de la LLetra

Al Peu de la LLetra library is the typical neighborhood library, where you can find books and gifts.

10. Re-Read Libreria

Re-Read Libreria is definitely one of the best libraries in Barcelona. It is the perfect option for a more sustainable world.
Here you can buy second-hand books and sell yours. Get into the circle of life!

We are at the end of our top 10, sharies. Don’t forget that in Sharify app you will find all the opening and ongoing events of your city.