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/ March, 2021
Best theatre plays in Barcelona

If you are one of those who like a good play, this is the article for you. Discover the best theatre plays in Barcelona.

1. Escape Room

To enjoy the best theater in Barcelona, Escape Room is a new comedy by Joel Joan and Hèctor Claramunt. It tells the story of two couples who put their friendship to the test when they play this popular game. If you are looking for the perfect mix of mystery and comedy, this work is made for you. Among the actors of this very original concept we find names like Joel Joan, Paula Vives, Míriam Tortosa and Biel Duran. Enjoy it until April 25 at the Teatre Goya.

2. Que no nos frunjan la fiesta

It is the most popular monologue by David Guapo of his career. Que no nos frunjan la fiesta is a monologue-style live comedy show that mixes improvisation and music. It is a fresh and original show that has already been enjoyed by more than 500,000 people. Without a doubt, a good show full of laughter with one of the best showmen in the country. David Guapo has a great career in show business and television. This comedian probably rings a bell from the El club de la comedia and the hit show Tu cara me suena. From March 28 to April 25 you can see it at the Teatre Victòria.

3. Improshow

If you are one of those who like to try different things, you are going to love Improshow. The concept is based on one of the foundations of theater: improvisation. The actors are not scripted, and the development of the play is completely in the hands of the public. The assistants are the ones who have the singing voice and can suggest anything for the actors to create a story on stage. In this way, no play is the same, and surely you will be amazed with the ability of the actors to turn your proposals into a full show. You can already see it until September 21 at the Teatreneu.

4. La Llamada

A creation by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, La Llamada is a musical that poses in a comical way concepts such as finding your identity, love, faith and freedom. What started as a little musical is now a hit across the country. In addition, you can enjoy their original songs with a live rock band. After the great success of the play, it made the leap to the big screen with great success. Enjoy one of the best theatre plays in Barcelona until June 27 at the Teatre Poliorama.

5. Cobertura

This great comic duo returns with Cobertura a funny story about love and success. Vinagre’s mythical couple meet again on stage in a work that is reminiscent of its format. A play in Barcelona of gags in which Bruno Oro and Clara Segura play multiple characters as usual. Until March 28 you can enjoy Cobertura at the Teatro Condal.

6. El Mago Pop

With the show Nada es Imposible, El Mago Pop presents his great illusionism show. The show tells a spectacular story through tricks and magic games. Antonio Díaz (El Mago Pop) is an international artist in the field of illusionism, and has spent two years preparing this show. Without a doubt, the show’s success has been immense, making it the highest-grossing artist in Spain. You can see it until September 18 at the Teatre Victòria.

7. Yo sobreviví a la EGB

If you are one of those who went to EGB, and you still remember characters like Naranjito and Cobi, this show is for you. Jordi Merca presents this show in a stand-up format. With this show you can relive the memories of that time between laughter and laughter. Without a doubt one of the best stand-up shows to have a good laugh. You can enjoy it until May 1 at the Teatre Borràs.

8. Miss Tupper sex

After her book Miss Tupper Sex, Pilar Ordóñez, presents this monologue that mixes sexual education with the purest comedy. During the show she talks about various topics about sexuality. She even goes so far as to show her sex toys. You can already enjoy this play until April 25 at the Teatre del Raval.

9. Vermunólogos

If we are talking about the best theatre plays in Barcelona, we can’t skip Vermunólogos. It’s a play with much more than monologues. Apart from the laughs, enjoy vermouth, tapas and music. Andreu Casanova, Tian Lara and Oscar Saénz will make you laugh accompanied by rock classics played by a live band. You can already see it at the Café Teatro Llantiol.

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