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/ August, 2020
Day trips near Barcelona

We know that these days are difficult and somewhat boring, so we have prepared a list for you with some excursions that we can do to fill your agenda.

1. Montserrat

These mountains located between the regions of Anoia and Baix Llobregat is considered the most important mountain in Catalonia. The monastery hidden and protected by the peaks of the mountains guard with care and dedication the monument to the patron saint of the Autonomous Community, the Moreneta. The borders of this great landscape coincide and are part of Collbató, a set of small villages, cloisters and caves that makes this excursion even more interesting. Enjoy its wonderful views, its cloisters full of history and its magical secrets.

2. La fageda d’en Jordà

It’s a must if you are living in Catalonia. This forest magic is located in Osona, the northern part of Catalonia is an equal sense country, with multiple routes and colours worthy of the best postal. One day you will be able to choose between the different trails that offers you  that view, from visiting old houses and see prats full of life and colour, to entering the crater of a sleeping volcano in which there is a cappella in the centre like  Santa Margarida. A month, pots will take a break at his factory of natural yoghurt, fetched with the whole of the cows from there. Take a break and take a look at some products in the area during a stop.

3. Montseny

Stroll under the shade of tall, lush trees, or walk on leafy paths and mattresses of foliage. If you want to find a mountain site near the province of Barcelona this is your place. The Montseny massif is a mountain range of polecats located near the plain of Vic, within the province of Barcelona. It is part of the Catalan pre-coastal depression and is approximately 45 minutes from the centre of the Catalan capital. It should be noted that in its day it was the headquarters of a United States military detachment. Cool off near the Santa Fe swamp, surround the river that fills it, or see everything from above from the Estela viewpoint.

4. Cadaqués

How many times have you seen postcards of Cadaqués and have you dreamed of visiting it? This magical port city is one of the hallmarks of Catalonia par excellence. Streets with white and blue tones and beaches that you would never imagine are some things that surround us once you are there. Located in the province of Girona, Cadaqués has been the inspiration of poets, photographers and landscape lovers who have chosen it as one of the most coveted destinations by tourists in summer.

5. Sitges

Sitges is one of the most modern towns on the Catalan coast, however, one of the most beautiful. Surrounding the old part of the city, a fortress that formerly served against the onslaught of ships that came to seize the riches of the town. Today you can enjoy an excursion in the purest summer style on its shores. Walk its streets full of cobblestones and houses with charm and history. Eat a paella overlooking the sea and start walking along its promenade. Have a drink on the famous street of sin. Visit its unique and artisan shops. In short, if you fancy an entertaining excursion close to Barcelona, ​​don’t even think about it, this is your place.

6. Priorat

A route with mountain views and structures with ancient architecture. El Priorat is one of the most diverse routes on this list. Not only because its natural landscape blends perfectly with the architecture of ruined buildings that have just decorated it and give it that neoclassical touch. But because these ruins, of which symbolic parts are still preserved, are available for your visit and are considered places of worship. Do not miss the entrance to Scala Dei or the Falset-Marçà cooperative, an entity within the world of wines. This excursion is located in the Falset region.

7. Tarragona

Feel like a true Roman while visiting its ruins and learning about the history of the imperial Tarraco, one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire. Don’t miss the Roman Coliseum in Tarraco, or the ruins of its castle. Tarragona is a city built on the old model. Following the construction patterns, the Forum is located in the upper part of the city and gives way to other parts. In addition to this, Tarragona has beaches that are not far behind. Enter museums, have a Caesar salad or wander its streets with remains of walls, columns and houses of ancient Rome. You can get to this city by car or train.

8. Golf de Roses

Without leaving the Roman touch behind, we transport ourselves to the Alt Empordà coastline, in the Gulf of Roses we find a natural landscape that has nothing to envy to those paradisical destinations in South America. Enjoy the sandy coasts that rise right next to natural parks such as the Aiguamolls, that is why you can see so many species of birds nearby or have a drink while you watch their spectacular sunsets. If you get tired, you are always in time to visit the ruins of Empúries, ruins of Ancient Greece and Rome united in an idyllic landscape. You can not lose this.

9. Castle of Tamarit

Are you looking for a route near the sea that does not end quickly? The castle of Tamarit is the last of the sections of the road that connects Creixell with Tamarit, followed by endless and unique beaches that will transport us to a Zen state without equal. Enjoy the fine sand, the native flora and dunes worthy of pictures. Without a doubt, it is a landscape that you cannot miss if you live in Catalonia, take off your shoes and walk along its shores while listening and feeling the sea at your feet. And you are amazed under the figure of the spectacular castle of Tamarit that stands imposingly at the end of the beach.

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10. Sant Esteve de Palautordera

A privileged environment one foot from Barcelona. Surrounded by rivers, streams, ponds and hills. In addition to having castles and forests. Sant Esteve de Palautordera meets all the requirements to become a memorable and memorable excursion. The headquarters of the Tortell Poltrona circus, which this year celebrates its first decade, has become a small oasis within Catalunya. Do not miss a detail of this excursion, which, in addition, is not far away, do not mount a circus!

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