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/ August, 2020
The Best day trips near Madrid

We know that at this time everything is very limited. That is why to help you, we have created a list with the best day trips near Madrid, you can do to relax and escape from the monotony of the capital.

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A city where we can find one of the Royal Family Houses. In this town there are many restaurants with views of the Tagus River, as well as large natural spaces and parks where people can relax and play sports. Today, there are organized excursions from Madrid to this town. If you want to enjoy an excursion seeing the architectural wonders of Aranjuez, you cannot miss it.

El castañar del tiemblo Ávila

Feel yourself inside a medieval film in this enchanted forest. Thousands of centenary trees rest next to the Yedra river in this spectacular landscape. Without a doubt, a place where you can walk without rest and enjoy nature at its best. Listen to the singing of the birds, the trees dancing to the sound of the wind and the fluttering of leaves blown by the breeze in this place full of magic.


Near Madrid, in the legendary Castilla, stands the majestic castle of Toledo, an impregnable wall and surrounded by flat fields that distinguish it for miles. Toledo is called the city of steel and its walls and gastronomy deserve to be admired. You can do the route also in bus. Visit its streets, Jewish neighbourhoods, admire its shops and medieval buildings. And if you go in summer, look for a good shade, the Toledo sun is unforgiving. Refresh yourself and enjoy this world heritage site alone, with friends or family.


Close to Toledo, this city stands out for its main square, a large square that was ordered by Carlos III in 1977. You may also have heard of this city for its holy week or for monuments such as the large fountain or the palace of Cardenas. A historic city where the Spanish War of Independence took place in 1809. Relax under the rustic tone of Ocaña and walk its streets full of tradition.

Buitrago de Lozoya

At the beginnings of the Sierra de Guadarrama, in the middle of the Lozoya river is the castle of the municipality of Buitrago de Lozoya. 800 meters of 9 meter high walls that surround the city. In addition to its local culture, the municipality has important national museums, such as the one dedicated to Pablo Picasso, in which we find the works that he gave to his barber, from Buitrago.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

This city contains a World Heritage Site, their cathedral, San Lorenzo de El Escorial becomes a mandatory stop if what you want is an excursion around Madrid. In addition to the architectural wonders if we move a little more, we can reach the so-called Sierra de Guadarrama, a natural paradise near the city that will help us relax from the noise of the capital.


Who has not heard of the famous Roman aqueduct in Segovia? This perfect piece of architecture crowns the city of Segovia, near the capital. In addition to this, the rest of the ruins, the gastronomy and the history of the city, such as the Old Town area are already more than enough reason to stop here and take an excursion.


Located in the province of Segovia we find this landscape worthy of bygone times, this town seems taken from the last century but the best thing is that it has been impeccably preserved since then. In addition to this, we are close to the natural park of Las Hoces del Río Duratón. A route characterized by its natural beauty coexisting in harmony with the historical monuments.

Ruta del Agua en Hoyo de Pinares

This route is made for all those who do not want to complicate or get lost along the way. The route begins in the town itself, Hoyo de Pinares from there you start a route to the dams, there are only two, so there is no loss. Once there, be amazed by the landscape that mixes water and nature and enjoy a good meal in the open air.

Alcalá de Henares

This city, about 30 km from Madrid this city has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among its most interesting stops we can find the Colegio de San Ildelfonso (Those students of the Christmas lottery in Spain) or the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes. But if there is one thing you must do before leaving, it is to taste the tapas of Alcalá, it is totally mandatory if you want to enjoy some of the best tapas on the national scene.

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Day trips near Madrid