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/ August, 2021
Fiestas de Gràcia 2021: what to do?

August has come, and so have the “Fiestas de Gràcia” (Gràcia Festival) . Even if they are going to be different from the celebrations we know. Here you have all you need to know about the celebration of the most famous neighbourhood of Barcelona.

When are the Fiestas de Gràcia?

2021 edition is going to be from the 15th till the 21st of August, as always.  But, this year, it will be open until 00.30 a.m, to respect the curfew.

How is going to be the street decoration?

Carla Carbonell, president of the Fundación Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia, assures the street will be decorated. But, the Festival will be different from the celebrations of others years.

Twenty-one streets are going to be embellished, but there won’t be objects on the floor.

Streets will be one way, and there will be many controls to the access.

In addition, ad the Festival won’t be as the other year, there is no “Best street decoration” competition.

Which kind of events will be at the Gràcia Festival?

Concerts and activities are back at the Fiestas de Gràcia, but reservation is needed as there is a maximum capacity.

Joanic Square, Pi i Maragall street and Bailèn street are the stages for concerts of many artists, such as Xiula, Manzoni, Sanjosex, Sabor de Gràcia, above others. On the 18th of August, there will be a tribute to Jordi Fàbregas, a cultural activist and musician, who died the last January.

As we said, reservation is needed for the activities. You can book your event here.

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