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/ February, 2019
How to Find Language Exchanges in Barcelona

Meet New People and Language Exchange on Sharify

Hi, I’m Abby and I’m a Sharify intern this spring! As a study abroad student in Barcelona, I wanted to connect with locals and other expats, learn the language and find cool events going on in the city.

The Sharify App has helped me do this and much more. Keep reading to find out how downloading Sharify can help you learn a language, meet new people and make the most out of your time in Barcelona.

Join Sharify Communities for Every Interest

When I downloaded the app, I chose which local communities I wanted to join based on my interests in Barcelona. Here are some of the communities I joined:

  • 🌎Internationals Barcelona
  • 🏃‍♂️ Runners Barcelona
  • 🧘‍♀️ Yoga Barcelona
  • 💬 Language Exchanges Barcelona

In these groups, people chat everyday about different things they want to do in the city in real time. People can post events and others can join in.

My favorite feature on Sharify is the 💬Language Exchanges Barcelona community.

How Sharify Can Improve your Language Skills

Joining the Language Exchanges Barcelona community is a great way to socialize and learn Spanish, Catalan or a different language. In this community, I can “chat” and ask who wants to do an English-Spanish language exchange. There are hundreds of people in the group who want to share their language and learn a different one.

People are using Sharify throughout the week to learn many different languages, such as: Spanish, Catalan, German, French and Italian.

As a study abroad student or expat in Barcelona, this is an easy and fun way to immerse yourself in the language and meet new people. You can meet one-on-one or with groups. You will be amazed by how much this will help you learn a language! Plus, you might make some new friends along the way.

If you are an expat in Barcelona, check out the Sharify App!

Sharify has helped me close the gap between being an expat and living like a local. Every week, I check Sharify to find out what concerts and events are happening around me. The app makes it so easy to check in and find people who want to do a language exchange, go on a run or try a new coffee shop near my university.

Sharify will make a huge difference in your experience living in Barcelona. You will always have something to do in the city and a new friend to join you!

Happy Sharing,

Abby 😊