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/ February, 2019
Sharify at La Mercè 2019

With the performances of Els Catarres, Buhos, Doctor Prats, Nil Moliner, Porto Bello and Chloe Phillips

On September 23, Sharify was part of the La Mercè 2019 Los40Pop concert. More than 100,000 people attended the concert and we were able to be present at one of Barcelona’s most special events of the year.

The concert was a success! This was the biggest La Mercè 2019 concert. We would like to thank Los40 for letting us be part of it, together with ATM, Euncet and AMB-NITBUS sponsors.

The concert took place in Plaza España, at the foothills of Montjuïc mountain, where thousands of people filled the square at midnight.

Nil Moliner

Chloe Phillips inaugurated the concert, with spectators glued to the stage and with a surprise collaboration with Miquel Moya. She was followed by Nil Moliner, singer of Sol ’Iron Soldier’ (among many others!).

Els Catarres & Dr Prats

The concerts that took place next were Els Catarres and Doctor Prats, so everyone stayed in the front row!


At end the concert, the well-known rock group from Tarragona, Buhos, said goodbye to Monday night, allowing everyone to enjoy La Mercè to the last moment.

In addition, the Sharify app was updated with all the 100+ events that were part of the La Mercè festival. If you don’t want to miss the next events, stay tuned for what’s happening at Sharify!