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/ January, 2018
Let’s Sharify Barcelona

In Sharify, we’re organizing something cool around Barcelona. Imagine a place where tourists, locals and expaths meet; maybe to share a beer, a concert or a break-time of your office. Imagine a place where people claim “everybody can join”, because the more, the better. All this is now possible in Barcelona

We have partnered with some locals in Barcelona who will be empowering to share those moments during this February  🙌. Some of them are really cool music bars with regular open-mics and jam sessions while others are some nice places to relax, study and perfect for a coffee-time.


In Sharify, we aim to recover the word “share”. We don’t share tweets, posts or likes. Sharify is about sharing concerts, exhibitions, sport activities and enjoying some beers.

February is almost here, so keep tuned to discover which places in Barcelona are also: Sharyplaces 😋

With love,

Sharify team ✌️