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/ September, 2021
What will the Mercè Festival 2021 be like?

Hi Sharies! The most important festival of the year is coming. In this 2021, Mercè Festival celebrates its 150 anniversary with an edition controlled by sanitary restrictions.

The entrance to the events will require an appointment. Don’t forget to reserve your place.

Guest City

La Habana, and its incredible cultural richness, is the guest city to the Mercè Festival 2021.

The focus will be on Cuban traditions and its influence on the other side of the Atlantic. In addition, there will be space for the modern side of art too. From dance to plastic art.


The poster of the Mercè Festival 2021 is designed by Malika Favres, a great artist from Paris, who has been living in Barcelona since years.

Malika’s art is minimalist, each of the details counts. Her style is reflected in the poster of the Mercè 2021 too. All details are surprising. And, all of them are connected to the Condal city and its geography. Have a deep look at the details of the earrings, of the chest and the crown. You will find references to the inedible Barcelona life.

The StreetCry

Custodia Moreno Rivero is in charge of the StreetCry of Mercè 2021. She is a fighter, a feminist and a social activist. Thanks to her, the last neighborhood of tents in the Carmel has disappeared.


As every year, the fireworks show will close the celebrations of the Mercè festival, but it will still be decentralized to allow every one to enjoy it from home. In order to avoid aglomerations, there will be 4 launching points.

The fireworks show will last 20 amazing minutes. Music is selected by the sound director Jordi Bonet and the critic Jordi Turtós. And it will be shown on Betevé and TV3.

Musical and Traditional events

The activities for the Mercè Festival will be in 23 places around 7 districts. Music is the main star with more than 100 concerts around the city. BAM is back, and it’s his 30th anniversary. This time, the festival has been organized by El Afluente cooperative, the goal is to make stronger the local artistic scene.

The street art won’t be missed. Thanks to the Mercè Arts de Carrer we can enjoy about 350 shows around Barcelona.

On the 24th of September, there will be a parade dedicated to the traditional shows. Which are the most affected by the pandemic. We will see  gigantes, ‘castellers’ and ‘falcons’.

Capacity, hours and restrictions

The Mercé Festival will respect the sanitary protocol required by the local authorities. Therefore, the activities will be a maximum capacity for the events, therefore the ticket is needed.

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