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/ February, 2020
What to do in the Barceloneta district of Barcelona?

The Barceloneta district and its beaches are one of the most touristic and frequented areas of the city of Barcelona. Sharify brings you today 15 things to do in the Barceloneta district.

1. Sant Sebastià Beach

Sant Sebastià Beach is the most visited beach in the whole city, both by tourists and by the locals. Here we find the Sant Sebastià tower, which functions as the terminal station of the Barcelona Air Ferry. Without a doubt the most typical beach of the city.

2. Barceloneta Park

Barceloneta Park is a park with green spaces, full and very translucent. The park has three areas: one built around the old gas tank, another formed by broad slopes and the last occupied by a football field. A place to enjoy doing sports or sitting in the shade to enjoy a good book.

3. Juan de Borbón Walkway

The Juan de Borbón Walkway has been visited by sailors since 1754, thanks to its proximity to the sea. The walkway crosses the whole Barceloneta neighbourhood, leaving the beaches of Barceloneta on one side and the streets of the area on the other.

4. Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach is the most central beach in the whole city, with a total length of more than 1,000 meters. It runs from the beginning of the Olympic Port to Almirall Street. A beach where you can enjoy volleyball courts, ping-pong tables, gymnastics areas, children’s play areas and a “beach library” service.

5. Port Cable Car

The port cable car connects the port with Miramar on the slopes of Montjuic and offers a panoramic view of the most common places in the city of Barcelona.

6. Somorrostro Beach

Somorrostro beach is one of the beaches with more history in the city. Years ago, this area was home to the shanty town where about 15,000 people lived in rather precarious conditions. In contrast, today it is one of the liveliest places in the city, where you can enjoy all kinds of activities.

7. Waterfalls park

Built-in 1992 for the Barcelona Olympic Games, the Cascades Park is an open walkway that opens the door to the beaches and the Olympic port for passengers.

8. The Moll de la Fusta

Used since Barcelona was Roman, the Moll de la Fusta was the city’s first port. It later served as a warehouse and a timber yard, hence its name Moll de la Fusta. Today it is a magnificent promenade by the sea, after being remodelled in 1992.

9. Maremagnum Shopping Center

A shopping centre located on the Spanish quay, where you can visit high fashion and accessories shops and eat in different restaurants. A place to spend the afternoon with friends or family.

10. Barcelona Aquarium

The largest aquarium in Catalonia is the perfect place to spend a different day. It has over 11,000 fish and sea creatures, from over 540 different species. Immerse yourself in the various themes of the aquarium such as the tropical, the Mediterranean or the oceanarium. And for the more daring there is the option of diving with sharks in a 4 million litre water tank.

11. Barceloneta Market

The Barceloneta Market was opened in 1884 to supply the neighbourhood’s residents with different types of products. Thanks to the remodelling in 2007, the market still has the centenary spirit but with a more modern appearance.

12. Bar and vermouth area

The whole Barceloneta neighbourhood offers you a wide variety of vermouths, tapas, rice dishes or the famous “bombetas” of the Barceloneta. Here you will not lack the gastronomic option, from the refined Salamanca restaurant to the “chiringuitos” with a view of the beach.

13. Olympic port party zone

The Barceloneta district also has the Olympic port area which has a wide variety of discos, pubs and bars, to enjoy the night. And, for the more daring, we recommend a night at the Gran Casino de Barcelona.

14. Museum of the History of Catalonia

The museum of the history of Catalonia was founded in 1996. It offers a journey through the history of the Catalan community. It tells the story from prehistoric times to the end of the 20th century, explaining the political, social, economic and cultural evolution of the region.

15. Church of Sant Miquel del Port

The parish was built between 1753 and 1755 in a baroque style with a classicist feel to it. The Church of Sant Miquel del Port has one of the most beautiful fronts in the city, despite having suffered attacks during the Civil War. On the sides of the church, the streets are decorated with houses that date back to the 18th century.

These have been our recommendations of the Barceloneta neighbourhood in Barcelona, and remember that all the events in the area and the city, you will find them in Sharify!

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