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/ November, 2019
What to do in Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood?

Have you ever been to Barcelona’s Gràcia district? A neighbourhood that gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lot of places and activities. That’s why in Sharify today we propose you a list with that you can not miss!

1. The Tano Vermouth Shop

Joan Blanques Street 17, Barcelona
Sunday morning? Want a vermouth? Tano Vermouth has been serving quality cans on its marble tables for 50 years in this world! A bar classic that will surprise you!

2. Casa Vicens

Carolines Street 20, Barcelona
In the Gràcia district we can find the first house built by Gaudí, inspired by the Orient and the Arab constructions to create one of the first modernist buildings in the city.

3. The world’s smallest theatre

Encarnación Street 25, Barcelona
The reviews about this place are not wrong, nobody forgets the experience in this place, where you can enjoy live music a few meters from the artist and at the end enjoy a glass of cava in its romantic garden.

4. Cat Space Barcelona – Cat Café

Terol Street 29, Barcelona
Do you want to enjoy a coffee with your cat, or adopt or meet new animals? In Espai de Gats, the first cat café in Barcelona, you can relax in the company of their cats and, if you fall in love with one, you can adopt it.

5. Pietro Bar

Travessera de Gràcia 197, Barcelona
Gràcia’s tapas place par excellence is undoubtedly the Pietro Bar. Inside you can find all kinds of brands of wine, beer and different cocktails that we can accompany with their tortilla skewers, their anchovies or the diversity of tapas offered. A taste for all palates!

6. Sun Coffee

Plaça del Sol 16, Barcelona
The place where both young and not so young ask for their reeds to flee from the heat as it is. We can also enjoy a classic vermouth or something more elaborate like a cocktail.

7. Catalan Brewery

Mallorca Street 236, Barcelona
Do you want a totally Catalan experience? Put on the barretina and get ready to turn purple to montaditos, or give yourself the pleasure of enjoying their seasonal products such as snails or calçots!

8. Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge

Ferrer de Blanes Street 3, Barcelona
Undoubtedly one of the best places to visit if you want to have a few drinks and enjoy a nightclub in Gracia. It has an extensive menu of classic cocktails and author accompanied by the best music of classics, rock, rockabilly or jazz.

9. Gaudí Experience

Larrard Street 41, Barcelona
Do you like Modernism? Gaudí Experience is a new way of getting to know Gaudí and his work thanks to the most innovative audiovisual and interactive technology, you will be able to enter the creative universe of the genius of Modernism. Learn and get excited.

10. The Diamond Square

Diamond Square 10, Barcelona
If you’ve read the famous novel by the writer Merçe Rodoreda you know what we’re talking about. An anti-aircraft shelter built during the Civil War open to the public. The complex extends along the subsoil of the Plaza and the Calle de las Guilleries and reaches a depth of 12 metres, designed to resist the impact of the bombs that fell on Barcelona. A historic place not to be missed.

11. Virreina Square

Or Street, Barcelona
One of our favourite places in the neighborhood is the Plaza de la Virreina. This square, presided over by the Church of Sant Joan, is characterized by being a quiet square, only crowded with people on Sunday mornings when a group of people gather to dance swing.

12. L’ Eggs Barcelona

Paseo de Gràcia 116, Barcelona
From the hand of the renowned chef Paco Perez is born a new gastronomic project in an unbeatable enclave of the city, which aims to offer maximum quality at prices in line with the times we live. The first gastronomic restaurant whose protagonist is the egg, rice and dishes to share. Are you going to miss it?

13. Plom Gallery

Carrasco y Formiguera Street 21, Barcelona
In Plom Gallery we will find a team of enthusiasts of contemporary art and creative education. It is believed that artists have Superpowers and create works of art capable of transforming the world. A truly creative site you can’t miss!

14. The Cyclist Cocktail Bar

Mozart Street 18, Barcelona
This shop in Gràcia is an exhibition with no limits on the reuse of cycling equipment. Wheels turned into tables, handlebars that act as knobs, radios that are now used to hold glasses, a traffic sign over the DJ’s cabin, collector’s bicycles hung on the walls like a Picasso… A whole cycling world in your eyes!

15. Guell Park

Olot Street 5, Barcelona
Did you think we’d forgotten the most emblematic place in the district of grace? Don’t forget to visit one of Gaudí’s masterpieces and UNESCO World Heritage. The result is a public park full of fantasy and colour in which every detail expresses Antoni Gaudí’s desire to integrate architecture into the natural space that surrounds it.

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