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/ January, 2020
What to do in the Malasaña district of Madrid?

Hey, Sharies! Today we’re going to talk about the magnificent Malasaña district of Madrid. A neighbourhood that perfectly blends underground culture and urban art. With the tradition of the famous Movida madrileña. Here we show you 15 places in the area that you can’t miss.

1. Dos de Mayo Square

This square is the heart of the neighbourhood and the meeting point of the area. It captures its essence, as there are several bars and two shops surrounding the square. Here you can find people of all ages and types. In addition, you can find a barbershop inspired by the 1930s and Viva Bicicleta, a shop and bicycle workshop with a lot of essences.

2. Manuela Street

In Manuela street, you can enjoy different ethnic restaurants and bars. There are also some of the most classic and traditional shops in the neighbourhood. These businesses range from eco-gourmet shops to artisan shoe shops such as Zapatelas.

3. “Corredera” of San Pablo

One of the longest streets in the neighbourhood, San Ildefonso Square divides it and creates the upper and lower parts of the Corredera de San Pablo. This street is full of design and originality offered by its merchants. Here you can also visit vintage stores and new fashion shops.

4. Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes

The neighbourhood also has cultural buildings, such as this church built from 1624. It is unique because of its ellipsoidal floor plan and because of its frescos, therefore it’s a point in the neighbourhood that you cannot miss.

5. El Circo de las Tapas

Place specialized in tapas and different dishes to have a good traditional meal. Very spacious and cosy with a magnificent interior patio. Without a doubt, a restaurant where you will have a good time and enjoy good food.

6. Casa Camacho

It’s a famous Castilian bar, where you can enjoy good vermouth. At Casa Camacho you can meet elders and youngers having a great time together. It is worth mentioning that the premises have not been and cannot be reformed, which makes it more special.

7. La Colmada

La Colmada, a tapas bar with the atmosphere of a classic grocery store. The perfect place to enjoy a tasty table of Iberian pork products, with good vermouth or one of the delicious and varied tinned food offered.

8. La Vía Láctea

A place to enjoy the perfect night in Malasaña, the best pop-rock in a temple of the Madrid Movida. One of the few that remain of the movida, which has become almost a music museum, here you can enjoy rock. So, are you going to miss it?

9. Santamaría

Santamaria is one of the most famous cocktail bars in the city of Madrid. It has a great variety of cocktails and an amazing atmosphere. Also known as the Coctelería de al Lado, it makes delicious cocktails in the company of good music by DJs and some free concerts.

10. Café Manuela

A place that preserves the essence of the literary cafés of the 20th century, but modernized. It has more than 30 board games to play with your friends while enjoying a tasty cocktail or soda. All of it set and decorated in a very traditional and cosy way.

11. Lolina Vintage Café

At Lolina Vintage Café you can enjoy a coffee with ’60s decorations. The cafeteria offers a great variety to its customers, different options to enjoy a good brunch. So it’s an obligatory stop in the Malasaña neighbourhood.

12. El Paracaidista

A place that started as a website has now become a 6-floor building. Here you can entertain yourself with shops, a cocktail bar, a magnificent restaurant on the roof terrace and even a cinema. This is the perfect mix of shopping and entertainment.

13. Arrebato Libros

Arrebato Libros is one of the most famous bookstores in the Malasaña district. It offers more than 25,000 titles, and it is also a publishing house and a creator of books—one of the most active cultural agendas in the neighbourhood.

14. The Cómic Co.

Right in the middle of the neighbourhood is this comic book sanctuary. An obligatory stop for all comic book fans. Especially for fans of Tintin’s collection as it has one of the most completed ones with a great variety of figures of the character.

15. Museo de Historia

The Malasaña district has a lot of history, just like the city of Madrid. That is why it has a museum that contains more than 60,000 objects of various kinds. Here you can admire collections of paintings, models, photographs and much more.

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