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/ March, 2021
What to do this March 2021 in Madrid

Hello Sharies! March is here! It smells like spring and a lot of events! Here you have the events of March 2021 in Madrid. 

1. Los Peligro

First of all, the second of may, we can enjoy Los Peligros. The artist duo formed by the star of the word Liliana Peligro and the poet Sergio C. Fanjul, arrives at the Centro Condeduque.

In conclusion, a show that trough the mix of humor, poetry and criticism; makes the audience think about the most current issues.


2. Yomoko Yoneda art exhibition

Until March 9, you will be able to enjoy the art exhibition of the japanese photographer Tomoko Yoneda, which is hosted by Fundación Mapfre.

Her work aims to portray the presence of history in our every day lives trough images.


3. Yngwie Malmsteen concert

On March 12, the Swedish guitarrist Yngwie Malmsteen arrives to Madrid to present his latest album Blue Lighting.

He is considered one of the most influential rock musicians. After belonging to various groups, he continues his solo journey with his tour.

Therefore, if you are passionate about music, you already have an appointment at Lab Espectáculos in Madrid


4. Ray Lema concert

On March 25 in Madrid, enjoy the best jazz at the hands of the pianist Ray Lema. Known for his afro-jazz style, he has recived several awards troughout his career.

In addition, during his career, he has published several albums and composed pieces for theater and cinema. Jazz may not be your favorite genre but, it is certainly an opportunity that you cannot miss.


5. ARCO. Recorridos fotográficos.

Throughout the month of March, the Condeduque center hosts the Recorridos Fotográficos, the exhibition. An art show in Spain from 1988 to 2010.


6. Return to Fargo

Throughout the month of March, the Cineteca de Madrid offers the film Fargo. Despite the fact that the film has its years, it is one of the greatest cinema classics.

In fact, the film is over 20 years old, yet you still won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen at this thriller by the Coen brothers.


7. Paisajes de Luz

Throughout the month of March, the Espacio Fundación Telefónica hosts the exhibition of the French artist Joanie Lemercier. An interesting mix between the digital environment and poetry.

Paisajes de luz, is a space to reflect on the climate change crisis and the relationship of humans with nature.


8. Women’s Day

During the week of Women’s Day, various commemorative events are presented. For example, we will be able to attend the same day, March 8, to the 8M con la Mesa de Igualdad del distrito Villa de Vallecas memorial or the 8M en el Espacio de Igualdad Ana Orantes memorial.

However, before Women’s Day, the 8M welcome talk is held on March 2. Held at the Espacio de Igualdad Carme Chacón, this activity is the start of all the actions and activities of the month, aimed at making the role of women in our current society visible.


There are many more events waiting for you at Sharify App.