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/ May, 2020
Top 10 running spots in Barcelona

Go running and do some workout isn’t always easy, sometimes we are just lazy. But no more excuses, today we give you the ten best spots for running in Barcelona

1. Carretera de Les Aigües

The Carretera de Les Aigües is a running route close to Tibidabo. It’s a rural route down the Collserola mountain.
The way is 20 km long, and it’s almost all plain. For sure this is one of the best running routes of Barcelona, where you can enjoy one of the best views too.


2. Paseo Marítimo

The best summer route of our top 10, the Paseo Maritimo go through the whole waterfront, passing by all the beaches in Barcelona. It’s one of the most comfortable and perfect places to run thanks to its width, the beach vibe and the sea view.


3. Avenida Diagonal

Avenida Diagonal it’s the most urban route of our top ten, and it is the best union between running and the city.
The avenue crosses all the city from the sea to the mountain, starting from the Forum district and ending at Esplugues de Llobregat. You can start from different sections, from the highest one to the closest to the seaside.


4. Montjuic mountain

Montjuic mountain is well-known for its touristic and cultural points, but it’s also a perfect place for jogging. You will love running at the Montjuic, there are fantastic views, and there is a sensation to be out of the town.


5. Ciutadella park

Ciutadella park it’s the lung of Barcelona, it’s full of vegetation, and it’s perfectly integrated with the city. Starting and ending from the Arc of Triumph the route it’s 2 Km.
You can adapt the circuit to your needs and enjoy a beautiful space to workout.


6. Park Güell

Park Güell is one of the most beautiful and famous parks in the city. It’s perfect for jogging thanks to its slops and the breathtaking city view. We suggest you go on times less busy, the park it’s also one of the touristic attraction of the city. The risk is to do tourists jumping instead of jogging!

running barcelona

7. Guinardó Park

Running at Guinardó park, it’s a perfect choice. Runners love this place because of its up and down and several green areas. Also, the possibility to get in from different parts make it accessible for everyone.

running barcelona

8. Can Dragó park

Besides a complete sports centre, Can Dragó it’s a perfect place for running. Here you can find ground and grass paths, and all of this is in the city! Besides, you can swim in its swimming pool after jogging. A complete training.


9. Besos river

If you are looking for a place far from cars and street, the path along the Besos river it’s your perfect place. Enjoy jogging in nature or, if you prefer, take your bike and appreciate the bike lane.


10. Serra de Collserola

Disconnect completely from the civilization by running through the Serra de Collserola. Here you can breathe the nature, and it seems to be in a wood far from everything.
And, you get tired, you can have a rest at one of the many picnic area offered by this beautiful place.


Our top 10 of running routes in Barcelona ends here.
What’s your favorite one? And if you are looking for runners mates, remember that in Sharify app you find our runners community!

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