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/ May, 2019
Skate Agora: More Than Just a Park

Calling all skaters! As skating season returns, Skate Agora is ready to kick flip into summer. The company is home to Barcelona’s most recognizable skate club and Sharify will help you connect with friends and activities in the skate community.

The Academy

Skate Agora offers multiple programs for people of all ages to practice their skating technique. Classes, camps and skate activities for schools are all aspects that make the park unique. Another attraction is Skate Agora’s birthday party and groups and events packages. Check out their lively instagram to see pictures and videos of the Academy.

The Shop

In the shop, customers can purchase products to ranging from footwear, clothing, accessories, hardware. Skate Agora offers the best in brands to provide you with all of your skate essentials.

The Lab

One of the exclusive aspects of Skate Agora is the advanced training they offer to improve the performance of their skaters. Professional skaters improve the skills of individuals through physical training, technology for skateboarding, functional training system and high performance programs.

The Events

Crowds gather to experience the events hosted at the park. With attractions ranging from music festivals to skate tournaments, you can count on the Sharify App to update you on the latest events happening at Skate Agora.

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