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/ November, 2019
Smart cities and people, a connection the can’t be lost

Nowadays technology has become part of our day-to-day life: from applications that control the way we move to home appliances or even personal assistants like Alexa. We have made these tools a fundamental part of our daily lives and we can’t imagine how our life would be like without them. From here the concept of Smart Cities and the correct way to connect within this new city proposals begins to be considered.

While we try to find the right way to connect within this new paradigm of life, in Barcelona the Smart City Week event takes place. Will have more than 50 events spread throughout the city to help us understand where this new trend of being connected with everything and everyone, but beyond self-directed cars or new ways of managing our resources, how do humans connect with this city we call smart?

Sometimes we forget the “People factor” in this new model of life and forget about the simplest things such as connecting with each other. That is why in the framework of the Smart City week we also have to look at the need to connect the Smart City, with those who live, travel and work in it. Because if we are still unable to answer the question “what is happening now in the city”? how “smart” is our city ?.

Bringing a concert to those in the neighborhood, putting together the workers to share a beer after work or making it easy to organize a  last-minute soccer game, allows you to connect with this Smart City. This is when, if we do not, we lose the connection that we so long for, in this new era where everything is interconnected, and we forget to take advantage of technology for the human side. That is why in Sharify we seek to unite the city with those who live in or visit it. Don’t lose that the special atmosphere that is conferred to the city for the people who live.

There are no smart cities without people who want to enjoy it. That is why it becomes essential not to forget who lives within the cities we want to turn into Smart and connect them to them from a simple beer to the most renowned concert of the season. Because together everything is better.