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/ June, 2021
The 10 best tapas bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its Mediterranean gastronomy, and there is no doubt about this. Tapas are one of the typical dishes that invite the summer atmosphere and terraces. Enjoy our selection of the best tapas in Barcelona.

1. Casa de Tapas Cañota

If you want to try some good tapas in Barcelona, Casa de Tapas Cañota is one of the best restaurants. With a good menu of Galician-style seafood tapas, you will lick your fingers with each dish. The menu includes everything from tapas from the sea to the most classic tapas and sweet tapas to finish off the meal. Located on calle Lleida 7, it is one of the best options to enjoy different and creative tapas.

2. Bar Velódromo

Without a doubt, the Velodromo Bar is one of the classics of the city. This place, inaugurated in 1933, has since welcomed all kinds of public figures. Bought by Moritz in 2009, the premises were renovated while maintaining its essence. Now, with Jordi Vilà as executive chef, he presents you the best Catalan gastronomy. One of the best places in Barcelona for its fame and for eating well with a piece of history.

3. Bar el Zorrito

This tapas bar in Barcelona has long conquered palates. El Zorrito, located in Francesc Macià, has a small but excellent range of tapas made with quality and local products. Enjoy traditional cuisine such as bravas, spinach salad with marinated salmon or anchovies from l’escala with old mustard. The premises located on Avenida Josep Tarradellas, 133 offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Bar Cañete

This tapas bar in Barcelona stands out among the rest for its simple dishes but with a high quality product. The Cañete Bar offers us a very varied offer in a space that reflects the typical bar in a more modern and welcoming way. Without a doubt, you cannot miss some of its best dishes such as its croquettes or the spicy Bomba of Barceloneta.

5. Pepa Pla

In the heart of the Eixample, we find the tapas bar Pepa Pla, an old bookstore converted into a bar. It is a multicultural gastronomic offer that changes every season. With good value for money, enjoy exotic dishes such as okonomiyaki with foie, while you eat surrounded by books.

6. Cova Fumada

The traditional Barceloneta bombs are called that were created in this tapas bar in Barcelona. With an atmosphere reminiscent of a typical sailor’s bar, the bar does not have a sign, but everyone knows its name. An interesting place that has maintained the same aesthetic for 75 years. You can find Cova Fumada from tourists to the neighborhood regulars enjoying its great tapas.

7. Bar la Plata

This tapas bar in Barcelona continues to maintain the same four tapas from here that were founded in 1945. The famous four tapas it offers are: the tomato, onion and olive salad; the black pudding skewers, anchovies and the fried fish. In the Bar la Plata of tapas located in Barceloneta you will not discover exotic dishes but you will enjoy the best basics.

8. El Vaso de Oro

El Vaso de Oro is a bar with more than fifty years of history, located on Calle Balboa 6. This tapas bar in Barcelona has an open bar on the street and goes beyond the typical bar tables. Apart from its tapas, the place is famous for its beer. It is always usually full so you have to have a little patience to try their magnificent tapas.

9. Segons Mercat

Near the Vaso de Oro, on Balboa 16 street, we find Segons Mercat, a tapas bar in Barcelona mentioned in the Michelin guide. Without a doubt, it is one of the most relevant bars in the neighborhood. Its tapas are made with fresh products, so fresh that you yourself choose the products that you will eat as if it were a market.

10. Jai-ca

This tapas bar in Barcelona is located in Barceloneta with more than 60 years of history. It is a family business, and it is not your typical tourist bar, but a neighborhood bar. With high quality products and the freshest fish, Jai-ca prepares its best tapas accompanied by its famous house vermouth.

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