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/ November, 2021
The 15 best cafés in Barcelona

The cold weather is coming and the desire to take refuge in a cozy café is on the rise. Barcelona also has plenty of cafés where you can work, study or relax. Here are the 15 best cafés in Barcelona.

Charming cafés in Barcelona

Biocici Bike Café

Are you a cycling lover? Then Biocici Bike Café is the café for you. A unique place, where the main theme is, of course, the bicycle. A charming café in the heart of the Gràcia district, offering everything from juices to homemade cakes to very good coffees.

Nabucco Tiramisú

One of the most welcoming cafés in Barcelona is definitely Nabucco Tiramisú. Still in the Gràcia neighbourhood, we find this little jewel. A place where you can enjoy a quiet afternoon, alone or in company. But, surely, enjoying delicious homemade cakes.

Le Pain Quotidienes

Located in a historic bookshop, which was active from 1956 to 2014, the café Le Pain Quotidienes still retains the charm.

Naya Petite Boulangerie

Naya Petite Boulangerie is a very cozy café-bakery in Camp de l’Arpa. The offer goes from sweet to savoury, and everything is delicious. The perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon, in its comfortable sofas.

Els Quatre Gats

Are you looking for old cafés in Barcelona? Then you can’t miss Els Quatre Gats. Besides being a charming place, Els Quatre Gats, with its more than 100 years, is one of the oldest cafés in the city.

It was founded in 1897, on the initiative of the painters Santiago Rusiñol, Ramon Casas and Miquel Utrillo. They wanted to open a cabaret venue, inspired by the Gat Noir in Paris.

Since then, it has become a meeting place for the artists and intellectuals of the time. Today it retains the magic of the time, transporting customers back to a past of art, modernism and intellectual interest. A must-visit café in Barcelona.

Cafés where to study or work in Barcelona


From the fusion of “nap” and “Cappuccino”, the concept of the Napuccino Café was born. A cozy place, where for a fixed price per hour, you can enjoy a private space to rest, study or watch your series. In short, you will feel as if you were at home, a home with the door open 😉.

Camelia Art Café

Camelia Art Café is one of those places that take you to another dimension. Quiet and elegant, with a delicious menu and friendly staff. The perfect place to spend an afternoon finishing that project you can’t quite finish, and enjoy one of the best coffees in Barcelona.

8. Cosmo

Cosmo is one of the essential cafés in Barcelona. A complete place, where you can come to study, work, enjoy its workshops, pop-up, if we could, we’d move here!

Café Cometa

In the Sant Antoni neighbourhood, we find Café Cometa. One of the most interesting places in the neighbourhood. The vibe is very calm and modern. And their juices are the answer to any hangover or detox.

Café Cometa is without doubt the answer to every need!

La Central

Both La Central bookshop in the Raval and the one in l’Eixample have a lovely café and internal courtyard.

The perfect place to take a break to read, work or simply enjoy the fresh air.

Espai Joliu

When you enter into the Espai Joliu nature and coffee meet, giving us an oasis of peace. The style is industrial, with lots of plants that create a very relaxing atmosphere. The café is Nomad, needless to say, one of the best you can find in the city.


Laie is a bookshop famous for its wide range of books and cozy atmosphere. But, if we go up to the first floor, we find the ideal café to follow our work or study projects.

Here you can enjoy delicious coffees and cakes and large, comfortable tables. All in a very quiet and peaceful place.

Coco Coffice

A new café concept has arrived in Barcelona. Coco Coffiece is a café and a co-working space.

A place to rediscover productivity and inspiration.

Federal Cafè Gòtic

The Federal Cafè Gòtic is the perfect place to make your working day a quiet and productive one. The café offers quality food and delicious breakfasts, and is open until 11:00-12:00pm.

La Esquina

Next to Plaça Catalunya, we find La Esquina. A very cozy café, perfect for working. Quiet place, signature coffee and natural juices of all kinds. It also has a perfect midday menu.

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