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/ August, 2020
The 8 best beaches in Madrid

We already know Madrid has no beaches; however, there are lakes, rivers and reservoirs that you can enjoy as if you were in one.
They may not have sand, but some of them are in the mountains, they have trees, bushes or natural grass.

1. Reservoir of Picadas

Reservoir of Picada is located between the municipalities of Pelayos de la Presa and Aldeas del Fresno, 60 kilometres from the Community of Madrid and in the Sierra de Gredos, this place is artificially made by man. In addition, this reservoir stands in the way of the Alberche river and has a recreational area where you can relax with your family in the sunlight.

2. Beach of Estremera

Beach of Extremera is located just before you reach Estremera and close to Fuentidueña del Tajo, and the landscape is really worth seeing. A swamp enabled for swimming and for all those activities that you are willing to do with family, friends or alone emerges from an esplanade of trees, fields and bushes.

3. The little dams of Rascafría

The little dams of Rascafría are one of the best places to enjoy a bath in the middle of nature. Located in the Paular valley, this crystal-clear lake serves as a pool for many visits in summer. However, you had better be prepared, since the water is as clear as it is cold.
Swimming in this dam is free; however, if you are going to drive, you will have to pay for parking. It is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and has everything you need to spend an unforgettable day.

4. Pools of Las Dehesas

In the municipality of Cercedilla, within the Sierra de Guadarrama, is one of the unique and historically interesting places in the surroundings of the capital. The Dehesas pools were natural pools built in 1978. Later, they decided to move to the treatment of its waters with chlorine and thus convert it into a complex where people from Madrid could spend a day of swimming. The price is 6 euros on business days, seven holidays and weekends and 4 for children under 14 and retirees.

5. The windmill of Hiruela

From May 15 to September 15 you can swim and enjoy the waters of this recreational area located in the Jarama river valley in Hiruela. The swimming areas of this river are strictly marked, and you need to follow their recommendations to avoid risks for our health. In addition to respecting the environment and nature, we must avoid lighting any bonfire. The Hiruela mill is a unique place if you want to swim in the heart of life. And only take one hour from Madrid!

6. La Tejera

In the town of Horcajo de la Sierra, this recreational area surrounds the Madarquillos River. Here we can find parks for the little ones or barbecues to extend your days. Enjoy a pleasant day near the river descent where you can cool off and put the icing to your visit. The swimming areas are not equipped for many people, since it is a natural site; however, if you are few, you can cool off altogether.

7. The reservoir of San Juan

The San Juan reservoir is one of the largest swimming areas in all of Madrid. Recognized by the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education with the blue flag, this reservoir located in San Martín de Valdeiglesias has become an icon place for all those inhabitants who want to cool off in the summer. 14 km of beaches available for swimmers and athletes, with their respectively delimited areas. This swamp is the only reservoir in Madrid where bathing is allowed and in some of its areas it can reach up to 70 meters deep. So swim with caution! It is totally free but it is also very popular, in consequence, it is usually crowded.

8. Pool of Riosequillo

In this recreational area located in Buitrago de Lozoya is one of the largest natural pools in Madrid. Despite being part of the Riosequillo reservoir, this large body of water is treated with chlorine and is clean, but it is also cold. The area is equipped with changing rooms, and we can also find different sports installations so as not to get bored during the day. This complex is open from mid-June to the end of August, from Tuesday to Sunday and the entrance is around 5 euros.

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