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/ February, 2020
The Barcelona Tech Spirit is in Sharify!

Sharify makes possible an alternative to the MWC: The Barcelona Tech Spirit.

Hello Sharies! As you know, the MWC and the 4YFN has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Barcelona Startups haven’t taken so long to find a solution. We won’t miss the possibility to share visions, experiences, and knowledge. Sharify offers its platform to show you, in real-time all the events of #barcelonatechspirit. And it’s for free! Find the emoji: 📱.

Those are the first confirmed events of the Barcelona Tech Spirit 2020.

1. Demo Day Imagine Express 2020

The Imagine Creative Express brings creatives minds, software engineers and entrepreneurs through a train travel Barcelona – Paris – Barcelona. During 5 traveling days, participants have to solve selected mobile challenges.
The projects made during these days, are presented at the Barcelona Tech Spirit. After it, there will be a networking session.

2. Start-Up Huddle

During the Barcelona Tech Spirit, there will be a Start-Up Huddle. It’s a useful event for the most entrepreneurial. Two professionals will solve your doubts. And all participants will get feedback. Don’t forget the networking session at the end. Create a business relationship!

3. Corporate Innovation Summit

A session dedicated to innovation. Collaboration with new companies to reach success. There will be different talks to have significant changes. In the end, we are invited for a beer and dinner. The location it’s one of the most beautiful in the city: The Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm.

4. Pitch your heart out

During the Barcelona Tech Spirit, ten lucky Start-Ups have the opportunity to pitch in front of international VCs.

5. Barcelona Brokerage Event 2020

Are you looking for international commercial/technologies partners? This event at the Barcelona Tech Spirit is your place! It’s a B2B event. Participate in short bilateral meetings of 20 minutes. This is a predicted success!

6. Toyota Start-Up Award

Are you a competitive person? Then this is your event! 8 Start-Ups compete to be the inclusive mobility champion. To the victory!

7. Foro de Inversión Keiretsu y EADA Business School

All-new small companies need investments. Doesn’t they? If you are a Start-Up, come closer to this event. They have a solution!

8. Woman in Mobile 2020

During the 2020 edition, the focus is on data. From machine learning to deep learning. Which impact has new technologies on our lives?

9. VC Night after Mobile World Congress 2020

First, an open micro session. Afterward a talk from the best speakers in town. And, at the end a networking session. Does it sound good? Inspirations, education and entrepreneurs connection. A success for sure

10. Social & Leisure Apps Vermut

Do you have a hunger for networking, vermut, and pica-pica? At this event the intention its to show the exceptional entrepreneur ecosystem of Catalunya. See you there!

11. Binance Meetup Barcelona

Do you want to know more about the Binance activities and ecosystem? Then you need to take part in this event. Now it’s time to talk about blockchain and crypto coins. Interesting, isn’t it?

12. VR/AR Association Executive Dinner: MWC ’20

Executive dinner of the VR/AR Association during the MWC 2020. Cocktails, talks, dinner. Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it?

13. Let’s Talk About Growth!

Executive dinner of the VR/AR Association during the MWC 2020. Cocktails, talks, dinner. Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it?

14. Investor Pitching: Swiss National Startup Team

The MWC and the 4YFN have been canceled. But, we haven’t lost any opportunity. Meet in Barcelona 10 members of the Swiss National Start-Up team in the mobile industry.

15. Connected Mobility Hub & Eada

Are you interested in shared mobility, sustainable mobility and logistic? This is a session to get new opportunities meanwhile you get to know more in-depth this trend sector. Are you going to miss it?

16. Musitech Spirit

It’s clear that music evolution it’s connected to technology. During this event, there will be DJ’s networkings, experts, startups. Discover the music of the future.

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