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/ January, 2020
The best 5 hidden cocktail bar in Barcelona

Don’t you still know what a Speakeasy is? They were the refugee of who was looking for drinking and enjoying a great jazz night, dance. Places that were usually hidden in the basement or the wine cellar of an establishment. Do you want to know more? Today Sharify bring you 5 hidden cocktail bar in Barcelona.

1. Dry martini Speakeasy Restaurant

You can find it In the Dry Martini storehouse and with its own entrance on Córcega street. This place gives life to the hidden bars of the Prohibition years. 

The storehouse keeps the same anonymous atmosphere and the luxury of something secret. To get in, you will need a password, are you ready?

2. Buenos aires grill – Speakeasy 1952

At the entrance of an Argentinian restaurant, you will probably feel in the wrong place. Don’t worry, just as to the waiter “lleváme al matadero” (“Bring me to the slaughterhouse”), without any trembling voice. While you pass through fridges full of meat, don’t panic. You will get to a small room which brings you back to the ’50s in Buenos Aires. Here you can have delicious cocktails, with an Argentinian taste and listen to live music.

3. Paradiso

Doesn’t it seem weird so many people in line, in front of a pastrami place? Behind the fridge door, it hides one of the best cocktail places in Barcelona. Drinks presentation it’s incredible, like the mix between chemistry and cocktail. Do you dare to try one of their magic drinks? 

4. Bobby’s free

People going to te barber at 9 p.m. and inside it, there is none with hipster beard nor scissors. It sounds weird.

You need the magic word to get into the best-hidden bar in Barcelona. Enjoy your cocktail in a ‘20s atmosphere.

5. El Armario

One of the most difficult hidden bar to find. There is no website, no online photos and, to enter, you need to be lucky. The owner opens just when he feels like, there are no fix opening times. You get into a whole in the owner’s wardrobe. If you are within the luckiest ones, you won’t regret the experience.

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