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/ February, 2020
The best coffee places in Madrid 2020

A good coffee, a good breakfast, a good snack: Madrid is a city full of cafeterias where you can enjoy a good coffee with your friends. Many already have their favorite places, but today Sharify brings you with the best coffee shops in Madrid

1. Religion Coffee

Religion Coffee is a place with a relaxing atmosphere that involves you in sitting back and enjoying your coffee. One of its star products is the “Blue Latte” a blue coffee made naturally and without roasting, which is great and will be perfect in your Instagram!

2. Honest Greens

At Honest Green, you will be able to enjoy healthy and delicious food. The main intention of this café is to make people aware of having healthy habits in their meals, so they offer all kinds of homemade products produced by the local community: from cakes, brownies, juices to chia pudding.

3. Mistura

At Mistura, you will not only find coffees but also delicious artisan ice creams with a mixture of divine flavours and textures. The ice creams are made in the Indian style, in which they do not add additives or any artificial substance to their products, always without giving up a tasty experience.

4. Adorado Bar

The Adorado Bar is an incredible Argentinean cafeteria located in both the Lavapiés and Salamanca neighborhoods. A homemade pastry, where the star product is the typical “alfajores”. Although they also offer delicious milk fudge pancakes and cinnamon rolls.

5. Organic Market & Food

If you are near the Principe de Vergara subway, Organic Market & Food is an excellent option for all types of public. Here, lovers of healthy and organic food will feel at home. They offer a wide variety of coffees and teas with a counter full of cakes. A small garden accompanies all this in their garden, from which they get some products.

6. Wanda, Café Optimista

Wanda, Café Optimista is located in the middle of the student’s concentration, near Georgio Marañón’s metro. In Wanda, they offer a variety of snacks: you can enjoy personalized pancake dishes, in which you can add different complements such as cream, syrup or “toppings” to your taste.

7. Mür Café

Mür Café is a greatly cozy place. It has two floors decorated with bricks and a few large tables, which invite you to stay long hours enjoying your snack. This café offers all kinds of cakes and the special “scones”: a bun of English origin. It is also worth mentioning that the place is pet friendly!

8. El Jardín Secreto

Entering on El Jardín Secreto is like stepping into a fairy tale forest. The products have both suggestive and appealing names, for example: “The Whispers of the Moon” or “Crazy Guateque”. It is almost always full, which is why we recommend that you make a reservation so that you don’t run out of the room.

These are the best cafeterias in Madrid, chosen by Sharify. Did you know any of them? Find more plans on Sharify App!

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