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/ May, 2021
The best exhibitions in Barcelona – 2021

Culture does not stop. Here we leave you a list of the best exhibitions in Barcelona of this 2021.

1. Miró ADLAN

Until June 4, the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona offers the Miró-ADLAN exhibition. This exhibition aims to make a portrait of the role played by the group of artists ADLAN (Friends of New Art). In Barcelona, modernity needed a boost that was led by a group of artists with Joan Miró at the top. The exhibition presents a set of pieces by New Art artists preserved in the ADLAN archive distributed in various public centers. You can also enjoy a compilation of the five ephemeral exhibitions that Miró presented in Barcelona.

2. Fèlix Gonzales Torres – Política de la relación

Until September 12, 2021, enjoy this retrospective of the work of the American artist Felix González-Torres at MACBA. An exhibition that is situated in the postcolonial discourse between Spain and America. the work influences and makes us reflect on issues such as memory, authority and freedom. On the other hand, he also emphasizes the influence on his work due to the queer aesthetic. Enjoy one of the best exhibitions in Barcelona.

3. “The world of Bansky. The immersive experience

More than one hundred works by Bansky arrive in Barcelona. The master of street art will delight us once again with his murals and happenings, always under anonymity. His unique and provocative style will remain on display at the Trafalgar Space in Barcelona until the end of the year. Don’t miss one of the best exhibitions in Barcelona!

4. Mary Ellen Mark – Life of women

Until July 31, 2021, discover the photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark. The Foto Colectania Foundation presents the exhibition Life of women. The exhibition presents a compilation of black and white photographs that she took of women from the Obregón State psychiatric Hospital. It is a series of very intimate photographs that you certainly cannot miss.

5. The Captive Gaze

Until May 23, 2021, the Mapfre Foundation of Barcelona presents “The captive gaze”. It is an exhibition that exhibits daguerreotypes, which, since its appearance in 1839, caused great fascination. After the great demand that it had in its time, it became one of the main elements when it came to taking photography. Enjoy this compilation that will take you into the history of photography.

6. Tàpies at 30

The Antoni Tàpies Foundation brings us one of the most anticipated exhibitions for fans of the painter. “Tàpies at 30” shows the 41 works of the artist made between 1953 and 1963.

In this period, Tàpies reached the maturity of his art and built his own language thanks to geometric figures, colors and above all, textures. Many of his works are part of a private collection, never seen by the public. Will you miss one of the best exhibitions in Barcelona and the most anticipated of the autumn?

7. The Endless War

Until July 18, 2021, enjoy the exhibition “The endless War” at the MNAC. Discover the different faces of the photographer Antoni Campañà. The exhibition focuses on photographs about the Spanish Civil War. Enjoy a walk through the history of the country through the artistic quality of the photographs of Campañà, considered one of the great Catalan photographers.

8. M.C. Escher

Until September 26, 2021, discover the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher. The exhibition includes more than 200 works by the artist, especially from his most surreal period. Escher is known for creating impossible worlds and shocking optical illusions. He discovers it at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

9. The american dream

This May 2021, Caixaforum brings us the exhibition The American Dream. It is an exhibition of the works of various North American artists such as Lichtenstein, Warhol or Kooning. By the 1960s graphic art made an appearance in America. This new style of art had a fresh perspective at the time and reflects the political and social changes that the United States was experiencing: the Vietnam War, rock music, the counterculture, feminist movements …

10. Klimt. The immersive experience

This May, after the success of Monet’s immersive exhibition, the IDEAL center introduces us to Klimt. Gustav Klimt is one of the most recognized artists of all time, who created some of the most valued works in history. Thanks to his aesthetics, Klimt has become a great reference in the art world. The experience features immersive, large-format projections that will transport you directly into the world of Klimt. Find out here.

11. Mars. The red mirror

Until July 11, 2021, enjoy the mix between science, literature and art at the CCCB. This exhibition portrays the historical link we have had with the red planet, Mars. A reflection on our human condition as a species and on the nature of the universe in which we live. Through artistic, audiovisual and digital installations, he investigates the world of the red planet.

12. The keys of the still photo

Until June 13, 2021, the Filmoteca de Barcelona offers the exhibition “The keys to still photography”. The exhibition illustrates the importance that still photography had in the field of cinema in Spain in the 1940s. It is a film technique that tried to work with instances, which did not only try to freeze a scene but to give it an almost pictorial look.

13. Picasso and the artist’s jewels

Until September 26, 2021 you can enjoy one of the most unknown facets of Picasso. Known for touching several different disciplines such as painting, sculpture and ceramics among others, few know about his jewelry. For the first time, the Picasso museum dedicates an exhibition to the jewels that the artist created.

14. A real exhibition

Until May 23, 2021, the Fabra i Coats Contemporary Art Center brings us “A real exhibition”. The artist Martí Anson proposes a quite different project. The premise is to make an exhibition without rules and without explanations. The idea is that visitors experience a process of transformation throughout the exhibition and above all unpredictable. Somehow he wants to get away from the contemplation that characterizes museums, to give way to experimentation.


15. The real time

Until January 9, 2022, enjoy the Rafael Tous exhibition, “The real time”. It is a collection that was loaned by the collector Rafael Tous. He opted for art as a concept, for this reason in this exhibition we can find a compilation of attitudes and experimental works carried out by a group of artists.

16. The loci of painting

Until May 9, 2021, the Vila Casas Foundation presents the exhibition “The loci of painting”. In this way, the foundation wants to vindicate the work of the artist Vicenç Vilaplana. The artist proposes an immersive work that portrays the liquid times in which we move today.

17. Modernisme, toward the design culture

On a permanent basis, the Barcelona Design Museum offers for the first time the exhibition “Modernisme, toward the design culture”. This exhibition offers a reinterpretation of Catalan modernism, especially in terms of design.

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