Plans for Halloween in Madrid
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/ October, 2021
The best plans for a great Halloween in Madrid

Even if it’s an Anglo Saxon celebration, Halloween is every time more famous in Spain too. There are so many plans, but here you have the best events for Halloween in Madrid.

Ghosts tour in Madrid

Discover legends about enchanted souls around Alcalá, Montera y Gran Vía.
The tour starts at 8 P.M., at Cibeles square, and it lasts 2 hours.

It will be full of emotions, which stops at the famous Casa de las Siete Chimeneas too. Can you find a best plan for this Halloween in Madrid?

Visit the Altar of the Dead at Casa México

Day of the Dead is one of the most important days in México. It’s a day to honour our dead beloved.

At Casa México in Madrid, there will be an altar designed by Fátima Cabañas, and created by Artesanías de México. The altar celebrates the happiness and the natural feeling of this celebration.

Altar at the Prosperidad market

From the 28th until the 30th of October, you can admire incredible decorations at the Prosperidad market. In addition, there will be photocalls, music, and tapas and beer promotions.

Go to the Terror Passage

Going to the Viejo Caserón is an unmissable plan for horror lovers. The attraction park is at the Casa del Campo, and it offers many attractions for everyone.

The Hunt Airsoft Experience

How does it feel like being in the movie The Hunt? If you want to find it out, this plan is for you! You will need to get out alive from a human hunt. Are you ready?

U2 Tribute and party 

If you are a U2 fan, this is the perfect event for you. There will be a U2 tribute concert at Independance Club. And, after that, you can enjoy a great Halloween party!

Fights the zombies

Make your worst nightmare a reality at the Virtual Arena

The best virtual room in Madrid presents «Contagion Origins», an interactive game where you need to cooperate to survive a zombie invasion. Are you ready for the battle?

Enormous ghosts hunted in the world

Join the most enormous ghosts hunted in the world. During the night of the 30th of October, thousands of people will go out in the streets of more than 40 cities, among them Madrid, Chicago, Liverpool, Paris, Koeln, Budapest, Amsterdam, Sidney and Stockholm.

Thanks to an app, they will discover the worst stories about their cities. Participants will have to solve codes and brain-teasers to win the game.

Delirium: Halloween special

Solve brain-teasers in a whole complex situation. Darkness, light, animal packs will be your worst enemies. Guess the story development, knowing only the start and the end.

Horror country house

In Aranjuez, there is a country horror house. It offers many shows and activities, which are perfect for Halloween night: Escape House 1.0 y Cluedo 2.0

The maximum capacity is 26 persons and, of course, a reservation is needed.

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