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/ August, 2020
The best theaters in Madrid

In this article, we are going to show you which are the most typical theaters in Madrid—looking for drama, operas, comedy? You have come to the right place.

The culture sector may be affected by the current situation and, although all the plans that we propose in this article are confirmed today, we recommend you to consult them before.

Teatro Real

Teatro Real is one of the theatres with most history in all Madrid. As its name indicates, this theatre was founded by kings and rebuilt by others. The Royal Theater was built in 1738 under the mandate of Felipe V. During its years of trajectory; the same theatre suffered wars, collapses and rehabilitations. It has been from an auditorium to a music school.
Former king and Queen reopened it in 1997. Today it is one of the most historical and symbolic standing theatres in the capital. Since then, the acts that there are usually operas, classical theatres and well-known composers, as a result, a theatre for lovers of the traditional genre. Living history within the theatre.

Teatro Español

Teatro Español is called “the oldest theatre in terms of continuous representation “. In fact, El Teatro Español was built in 1583 and has hosted in its history the most representative works of international theater. Shakespeare, Lope de Vega, Pérez-Galdós, Unamuno and many more. In 1802 a fire broke out and in consequence, they had to rebuild the theater. Today it represents a great cast of public works, giving rise to incomparable cultural practices. All those who want to see good theater with a designation of origin will choose the Spanish Theater.

Teatro de la Zarzuela

In the Justice district of Madrid, this theatre has undergone several reforms throughout its history, and in 1998 it was declared a national heritage site. Today it is one of the reference theatres if we want to vary the genre. Since they reproduce from comedies to fashion dramas in Madrid, step into this cultural paradise and don’t be dramatic!

Teatro Rialto

Do you want to have fun and laugh out loud? You have reached the right place. The Rialto Theater is the absolute reference in terms of the number of comedies it plays, in other words, it is also an ideal place if you want to go with your family and children. Do not miss one of the most modern theatres in the capital, its construction was in 1926, and since then it has not stopped giving us reasons to smile. If you want to have a good time this is your place.

Teatro Victoria

With touches of modernity, the Victoria Theater has always offered performances and adaptations of the classics theatre’s functions consequently they stand out for continuously reproducing timeless and always valid works, still with a personal and charismatic touch. Delve into the modern and transgressive bits of the classic stories and see stories that have been reproduced for centuries with other points of view.

Teatro Coliseum

Are you bored and need a site that invites you to sing? The Coliseum theatre will take care of it. Get ready to sing the lyrics of your favourite musicals. The essential musicals on the international scene have been played at the Coliseum theatre. For instance,”Mamma Mia”, “Anastasia”, “Grease”, “Les Misérables” are some of them. Let yourself be heard and listen carefully to this theatre located near Plaza España in Madrid.

Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía

This old comedy barnyard evolved into the theatre that is nowadays. With a repertoire integrated into comedy and satire. Located on Gran Via street, near Callao station, it has not only played comedies but also entertainment shows. Today it is one of the busiest theatres in the Madrid capital.

Teatro Reina Victoria

In 1916, during the time of King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia herself, they built the Theater Reina. This theatre has focused on drama as the primary genre in its plays. Actors as influential as Pepe Viyuela, Concha Velasco or Luis Tosar have stepped on its stages, located in the central area of ​​Madrid, near Plaza del Sol. Come and see some of his works!

Teatro Bellas Artes

One of the most versatile theatres in all of Madrid, enjoy its programming adapted to all audiences. This space is intimate and particular, and it is also suited for possible events and decorations. The Bellas Artes theatre offers you many experiences in a small area. Do not miss any of his billboard works such as “Eduardo II, Ojos de Niebla” will be provided soon.

Teatro de la Comedia

The Teatro de la Comedia is one of the most famous theatres in Madrid, not only for its excellent decoration and setting but also for the number of plays it has performed and its history. The theatre has undergone several renovations, including the one that had to be done after the fire of 1915—inspired by Arabic and gold decoration. This stage is among one of the most elegant to represent classical works. In fact, here, they represent classics of the comedy genre, seasonally.

Teatro Lara

If you go from classics and the old bores you, the Lara Theater is your place. Hundreds of works of the newest pass and are reproduced in these stages, with two additional bleachers and capacity for about 460 people furthermore this theatre has seen works of all kinds, dramas, comedies, concerts, music. No genre escapes from the curtains of this theatre. If you want to see the latest jobs with an updated billboard continuously, you cannot miss this theatre.

Teatro Lope de Vega

Nowadays it is home to the Lion King real life version and is one of the most versatile and interactive settings in Madrid. We guarantee you large spaces with a tremendous reception. In the middle of Gran Vía, the Lope de Vega theater has years of experience behind and in front of the stages. In this, apparently, “Endless Cycle” of theatrical reproductions, actors and actresses of all kinds have passed. Do not miss the well-known representation of the Lion King Live.

Teatro La Latina

It is currently closed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The La Latina theatre, as its name suggests, is located in the La Latina neighbourhood of Madrid. His catalogue of works is very focused on family works for children and adults. This theatre is the one you need if one day you want to introduce kids to the theatrical genre so be alert and when it reopens, don’t miss any of its works!


The Matadero has one of the most irreverent aspects of all the theatres in Madrid in consequence this theatre, located in an old slaughterhouse in Madrid, in the Prague space, represents the most transgressive works of the genre. Vindictive, surreal and extroverted. Don’t miss any of their plays. Visit all the spaces that Matadero offers you.

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