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/ June, 2020
The best zero-waste shop in Barcelona

The fight for the environment is every day, from the chosen transport to the shopping at the supermarket. And for sure, one of the first enemies is plastic!
The 5th of June is the international environment day. Sharify is presenting you the best 0 wast shops in Barcelona.

1. Granel

The Granel shops are in Gracia and Eixample, and they have been fighting the containers for eight years now.
Here clients who reuse the container, have a discount! And, besides, you can buy online: products arrive at your home in recyclable materials. On their web, we can see how much kg of plastics they have saved:63595!

2. J Renobell

J Renobel is close to the Born market, in the heart of the city.
The shop is specialized in dry fruits, legumes, flours and bio food.

3. Aúpa Organics

At Aúpa Organics you can find all products: from food to toys and clothes. All of them have a bio certificate. Therefore, this 0 waste shop is a must for starting your more sustainable life.

4. Yes Future

The Yes Future shop is helping a lot the fight against plastic.
In the shop, you can find any bulk food: legumes, honey, dry fruits. And, also, they offer a great variety of soaps and cleaning utensils, all eco-friendly.

5. El Cambio lógico

El Cambio Logico’s challenge is to reduce our environmental impact on our daily routine.
For this reason, they offer several products made with alternative materials, like bamboo or glass, and merchandise with no container.

6. Velvet BCN

At Velvet BCN you can find clothes for men and women and sustainable cosmetic. Products are local and international, but all have an ethic certificate. It assures that it was made respecting the environment and the worker.

7. Pic Nic Club

Pic Nic Club is in Badal, and it offers a “zero waste” and vegan shopping.
For example, here you can find personal hygiene products or cleaning products, solid cosmetic, or take away containers.

8. Baobab Company

Baobab Company offers organic cotton clothes and fair trade for all family. Besides, its tropical style brings us directly on the Indian Ocean beaches.

9. One Earth BCN

One Earth BCN offers us the possibility of a 360° 0 waste life. Here you can find toilet products, cosmetic, kitchen products and also stuff for your pet.

10. Tienda Goccia Verde

The shop Goccia Verde in Sants offers us cleaning biodegradable bulk products. Besides, to save more, you can bring your container.

To sum up, Sharies, Barcelona offers us several zero-waste options. Now is our turn, it’s time to save the planet.

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