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/ November, 2021
6 amazing plans for a rainy day in Barcelona

Is it raining in Barcelona? Don’t worry, it won’t ruin our days! Here you have the 10 best things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day.

1. Enjoy the illusions of the Big Fun Museum

Color, a gray day with the funny illusions of the Bug Fun Museum. Can you image entering a fridge? Or waking up and finding your house upside down? Come and enjoy the most incredible situation, and forget about the rain!

2. Tapas and beer

We have to speak the truth, a beer with friends is the solutions to all problems. Isn’t it? Therefore, one of the best plans on a rainy day in Barcelona is to go to have a beer with friends. But, of course, you need to match it with good tapas too.

3. Get lost within the pieces of art

Barcelona offers a great variety of museums and art galleries. Immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy a rainy day admiring the best exhibitions in the city.

4. Run away from your fears

You are locked in a horror house, and you have just 60 minutes to get out. Are you going to make it? Escape rooms offer in Barcelona is growing, and more the horror escape rooms. A strong plan for a rainy day in Barcelona!

5. Enjoy a good cocktail, in a hidden place.

Are you a cocktails’ lover? Enjoy a rainy day to discover the hidden bars in Barcelona. Who knows what a closed fridge or a barber shop can hide.

6. Go to the theater

Barcelona offers many theaters. But, for a rainy day in Barcelona, we suggest the cozy Café Teatre Llantiol in Raval. A small Parisian style theater, the perfect place to enjoy a comedy while drinking a glass of wine.

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