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/ April, 2021
What to do this May in Barcelona

The good weather is here and it’s time to make some plans! Don’t stay at home. Have a look to our list of the best plans in Barcelona for May.

1. International museums day

On 18 May in Barcelona, the International Museum Day is held. This year, however, for the first time, we will have to enjoy it virtually, rather than the usual open doors day. From 16 to 18 May, several museums in Barcelona have prepared online visits, interviews, games and much more. Facing the current health situation, museums have wanted to adapt the day to the virtual format in order to continue to convey the importance of culture. In this way, with the help of screens, we can continue to enjoy the cultural heritage of Barcelona. See all the museums involved here!

2. D’A Film Festival

From April 29 to May 9 in Barcelona, you can now enjoy the De A Film Festival. This year the festival will have face-to-face screenings at the CCCB as well as other virtual screenings that will be broadcast through Filmin. It is a cultural event completely rooted in the city. This, has the intention of putting the public face to the best international cinema together with the discovery of new talents. Without a doubt, this is a festival for the most cinephiles, putting the creativity and personality of the directors on the table. If you like movies, you already have an appointment this May.

3.Mago pop show

With the show Nada es Imposible, the Pop Magician presents his great illusionism show. The show tells a spectacular story through tricks and magic games. Antonio Díaz (El Mago Pop) is an international artist in the field of illusionism, and has spent two years preparing this show. Without a doubt, the show’s success has been immense, making it the highest-grossing artist in Spain. You can see it during the entire month of May to the Victòria theater.

4. Ezra Furman concert

The American musician, in charge of the soundtrack of the successful British series Sex Education, arrives on May 13 in Barcelona. Ezra Furman presents his latest albums at La Nau in Barcelona, from which he performed for the last time in the city. Her rock n’roll style with a punk edge has an undertone of political and social criticism as well as her personal experience as a trans woman. Without a doubt, a concert that you cannot miss this May!

5. David Bisbal concert

On May 22, the Palau Sant Jordi welcomes David Bisbal. After being a semifinalist in Operación Triunfo, Bisbal became an international success. With more than 5 million records sold to date, Bisbal has been the author of great hits such as Bulería or Ave Maria. Enjoy the successes of one of the most important Latin singers of the moment this May in Barcelona.

6. Oques Grasses concert

On May 29 in Barcelona, enjoy the rhythm of the Catalan group Gansos Grasos. This musical group that was born in Osona, has now become one of the reference groups in the Catalan music scene. Enjoy his latest album “Fans del Sol” live in the Poble Espanyol. If you are a Catalan musician, you cannot miss this concert!

7. Monumental Club

This year Monumental Club returns, a music space in one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona: La Plaza Monumental. This old bullring has been hosting musical events of all kinds for years. This year during the month of May in Barcelona, enjoy the concerts of Manel, Da Souza, La BienQuerida and many more. Of course, this year it has all the relevant security measures to make it a safe event. Check here the concert schedule and buy your tickets now.

8. Barcelona Fotògrafes

During the month of May in Barcelona, in front of the Born CCM, the exhibition Barcelona Fotògrafes will be held. An exhibition that traces the history of the city and vindicates the role of women in photography.

9. Klimt: The immersive experience

This May, after the success of Monet’s immersive exhibition, the IDEAL center introduces us to Klimt. Gustav Klimt is one of the most recognized artists of all time, who created some of the most valued works in history. Thanks to his aesthetics, Klimt has become a great reference in the art world. The experience features immersive, large-format projections that will transport you directly into the world of Klimt.

10. Sota la Neu

Throughout the month of May, you can already enjoy the Bajo la Nieve show. This is part of the # jotambé cycle. Gender violence and power structures that take place in the Beckett Room. The show proposes a reflection on the socially established power structures and on the mechanisms to cope. It is the story of Alícia who will see her life upset when a stranger hands her a tape recorded by her twin brother.

11. American Dream: from pop until today.

This May you can find the exibithion “American Dream: from pop until today” at CaixaForum. It’s an exposition about several Both-American artists, such as Lichtenstein, Warhol o Kooning. The graphic art made a boom during the 60’s in America. This new style had a fresh perspective and it was reflecting the US political and social changes: the war in Vietnam, rock music, feminism.

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