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/ April, 2021
What to do this May in Madrid

May is getting closer: the sun, the spring, and the willingness to enjoy our city at its best. Don’t miss the best events in Madrid. here you have our list.

1. Exposición “Haciendo Barrio”

The neighbourhood of Malasaña is the center of 2 of May celebrations. Besides the online activities, this year they ask the neighbours to decor their balconies. And,  so will do the commercials with the shopping windows. Therefore the exposition “Haciendo Barrio” will be all around the area, and not at the Conde Duque, as always. 

2. Sound Isidro 2021

This year the Sound Isidro concerts are back. The new program will touch several places around the city. And there will be great names, such as No fucks, L.A., La Paloma and many more. Don’t miss it!

3.  Festival MMMAD 2021

From the 1st until the 31st of May, the Digital Art Urban Festival of Madrid is back. 40 artists, from 15 countries will show their works on screens around the city. The program includes exhibitions, workshops, digital meetings and immersive experience. An unique even, which allows to bring closer the digital art to the public.

4. San Isidro 2021

From the 7th until the 15th of May, there will be a celebration for the patron of Madrid.  The main spots will be San Isidro Park and the streets around it. Here you will find music and cultural events. The program is confirmed, as long as the sanitary situation allows it.

5. Green routes

The Madrid Regional Transport Consortium presents a program to enjoy several routes, which can be done by bike or by walking. The goal is to encourage sustainable tourism. Start the month with a green touch!

6. Casa Decor 2021

From the 13th of May to the 27th of June, you can enjoy again the most important interiorism exhibition of Europe: Casa Decor. Here you will find the latest trends about  interiorism, architecture, art and design.

You can find many more events in Sharify App. Don’t miss any!