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/ August, 2021
Ticketmaster, welcome to Sharify!

What happens when Ticketmaster -the major event provider worldwide-, and Sharify -the 1st social event map-, partner together? That we have no reason left to stay on the sofa!

The future of event discovery is already here. Sharify and Ticketmaster joined forces to bring that future closer within your grasp. Together, we combine Ticketmaster’s event ticket marketplace with our social events app to better connect live back in cities.

The partnership

Cities are opening up again. That’s why we formed an innovative partnership to offer our users a best-in-breed platform. Ticketmaster chose us as the platform to discover which events are open nearby, which represents a stepping-up stone into the world of events and leisure. 

Users of Sharify’s app can now discover and purchase all the event tickets from Ticketmaster. +1,000,000 Ticketmaster events are now available on Sharify app. You can use Sharify to discover events, share them with your friends, purchase the entrance, add them to your calendar, and even meet other attendees of the event!

About Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is the global market leader in live event ticketing, and the world’s largest ticket marketplace.

Ticketmaster is also the official ticketing partner of the NHL, NFL, NBA, USTA, PGA Tours, a number of MLB and MLS teams, and artists and venues around the world. The company currently operates in 29 countries and processes.

Going further together in a post-COVID world

We don’t just believe in the return of events in a post-COVID world. We know it’s coming back.

Event organizers will be the engine of that recovery worldwide. Why? It’s pretty simple, really. As the restrictions are slowing down, and we’re arriving to a new normal, a new set of needs will arise. Uncertainty has been the key player in event planning. That’s why we came together to provide people with a simpler way to discover, book and share events, thanks to the 1st collaborative real-time event map at Sharify. At the same time, we’re offering small event organizers the opportunity to gain more visibility and control of the visibility of their events. All in one place. 

Discover safe events on Sharify

Sharify makes it easy to discover which events are happening nearby, through a collaborative real-time map of all type of events (concerts, sports, art exhibitions and parties are just some of them). Share lets you discover several event sources, in one place. Helpful, isn’t it? We’ve also partnered with Revel, in New York City, to get safe to the events.

Share events with your friends

Going to an event is all about the people, right? That’s why we added some social features around events on Sharify. People can add their events on the calendar and add their own friends on the event to go there together. They can also join the global event to chat with the other attendees and meet new people in the event.

Book the entrance from the best event providers

That’s where we’ve partnered with the best! Ticketmaster is the best event ticketing platform, so we’ve decided to partner together to integrate Ticketmaster’s events on Sharify’s app.

Alright, so this one seems obvious since events have been shut down for a while. But as the pandemic is arriving to an end, events will be much more sought after by people. That’s where real-time event discovery will come in. At Sharify, we want to make it easy to bring life back to cities, by discovering safe events wherever we are.