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/ March, 2020
Top 10 Apps for the quarantine

Hello Sharies! We can keep having fun while we are lockdown, don’t we? Today, Sharify has for you the top 10 apps to enjoy with your friends and family.

1. Houseparty

Houseparty is the best app to video call your friends, with it you can chat but also play with all the participants!

Houseparty offers different easy games, such as “Heads up!”: you have something written on your head front and everybody gives you tips to find out what is it.

This is just one of the games you can find on Houseparty, and that’s why this app is in the top 10 for our confinement.

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2. Preguntados 2

Preguntados 2 is the edition for mobile of the classic Trivial. You can play with random players, or you can organize challenges with your friends! Call out them about geography, history, entertainment,… The majority of the questions has been created by the users, therefore, if you have a good question, share it!

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3. Pinturillo 2

Draw words and make your friend and family guess it with Pinturillo 2! This simple game is actually the funniest: you think your friend’s drawings are horrible, but how about you?

The only version of the most played game: The Parchis. You can create sets of 1vs1, 2vs2, or everybody against everybody.
You know how it feels when you delete your enemy’s token, and you count 20. Especially if you are playing against your friend.


4. Parchis Star

Even if there are several apps for this game, we choose Parchis Star for our top 10 as it’s the most completed one.


5. Stop! o Fight List

This is two apps to challenge your fastness and cleverness. You have one letter and several categories, you need to think about a word starting with that letter for each group. Who ends first, wins.

We suggest you both Stop! and Fight List, they give you the same options, and they let you play with random players too.

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6. Apalabrados

This is the mobile version of “Scrabble”. Challenge your friends or users and prove to them you are the most clever and decisive.

This game requires a mind, and it’s one of the most difficult on the market. For this reason it’s in our top 10 apps for this confinement.

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7. Just Dance Now

Just Dance it’s an amusing video game to learn to dance the most famous songs. It shows you the steps on the screen, you can follow them or make your own move!

This is the most entertaining app of our selection. Grab your mobile or tablet, and move and dance with your friends and family!


8. UNO!

Have you ever played at UNO, the card game? Well, here you have a mobile version. Therefore you have no excuses to not be the first shouting UNO! And win.

In these apps, you have several options, and you will be able to play with all your friends!


9. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is the game for cars lovers, take part in urban and professional races!

In the second version of the app, you can manage your garage with all your car models, and you can challenge your friends. Who is the fastest one?


10. Zoom

The last one app of our top 10 is Zoom. It’s not so entertaining, but it’s the best app for a video call to us.
It allows up to 1000 participants, and it’s easy to install and use.
There is an advance paid version, but the free one it’s already excellent.


Our Top 10 interactive apps have come to an end. Don’t let the quarantine cut your happy moments with your friends and family! #KeepPlayingEnCasa.

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