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/ May, 2020
Top 10 running spots in Madrid

Hello Sharies! Running in Madrid can be challenging due to the high number of cars, crossroads, persons. But this cannot be an excuse not to go jogging. Here you have our top 10 of places and routes for running in Madrid.

1. Madrid river

The River is, for sure, one of the best running spots in Madrid. It’s a 9 km regular route with several drinking points and rest areas. The place has high sports activity, which is getting more famous, day by day.

running spots madrid

2. Retiro Park

Retiro Park is a great tourist attraction, and it is also a perfect place to work out and running.
The park is big enough for any sports without hitting anyone—the perfect place to enjoy running in the city surrounding by nature.

running spots madrid


3. Juan Carlos I Park

Juan Carlos I Park is one of the runners’ favourite spots in Madrid. The route is about 3 km with different ways and slops; this helps you to have different paths every week and don’t feel like doing every time the same!


4. Isabel II canal

The Isabel II canal is the perfect routes for beginners or who doesn’t want to move too far.
The route is about 1 km, and you can use urban sports facilities too. Besides, the sign will help you to track times and distances!


5. Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo is one of the most significant places for jogging in Madrid. You can run for hours without doing the same route. This place is almost 2000 hectares in the middle of nature, and it welcomes several runners, cyclists and different sportive. Everybody has the same aim: get fit!


6. La Dehesa de la Villa

La Dehesa de la Villa it’s a park close to the University City. The place is full of trees, and it’s long, almost 3 km. This route has several crossroads and slops and slops, which give the possibility always to vary the circuit.


7. Oeste Park

Oeste park it’s a big green area. Because of its up and down and 4 km length, it’s the favourite route of the more expert runners.


8. Tierno Galván park

Tierno Galván park is in an industrial area, and it has 45 hectares for running and other sports activities. The biggest attraction is the steps where you can exercise feeling like Rocky!


9. Athletic circuit Green Canal

If you prefer to train more professionally, you can go to the Athletic circuit Green Canal, in the Isabell II canal.
The circuit’s 1,2 km and it has perfect signs to help runners. But, remember that it has openings hours: from 8 am until 10 pm. Entry is free.


10. Anillo Verde Ciclista

Even if it’s more a cyclist circuit, the Anillo Verde Ciclista has characteristics to allow cyclists and runners to exercise together. There are four rails for cyclists and 2 for runners. The course is 64 km, with different slops and up and down.


Our top 10 of the best running spots in Madrid ends here. What’s your favourite? Keep in mind that in Sharify, you will find several events for runners, cyclists and more sports.

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