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What to do this August in Barcelona – 2021

August begins in Barcelona and here we explain what events mark this month of vacation. Discover all the things to do in Barcelona this August.

1. Festivities of Gràcia

The Festivities of Gràcia are one of the most anticipated by the people of Barcelona. As a distinctive feature, the festivities of Gràcia in the month of August in Barcelona have the tradition of holding a contest in which streets and squares are decorated and garnished. This year, but due to the health emergency, the festivities will not take place in full normality. This August 2021 it seems that the street contest will return, now it is still to confirm if there will be events at night in the different squares of the neighborhood.

2. Nits del Forum

Primavera Sound couldn’t leave us with a summer without music! So, issue resolved with the new event: Nits del Forum. The project wants to support the cultural sector and offers a cross-cutting and heterogeneous programming (as explained in the presentation note). The events will run throughout the month of August in Barcelona, following safety regulations. Enjoy the best music this August in Barcelona!

3. Share Festival

This August in Barcelona until September the Share Festival returns. This year adapted to sanitary measures with a maximum capacity of 5,000 people we will be able to enjoy this festival again. Being the most cane and young music in the country with artists such as Lola Indigo, Omar Montes, La Pegatina, 31 FAM, Don Patricio, Oques Grasses and Natalia Lacuzna among others. Check here the dates of the concerts and do not miss one of the great events of August.

4. Open-air Cinema

A few months ago, we thought we would never be able to enjoy summer movies outdoors again. Fortunately, the situation has changed and we can return to the cinema in the cool of the Montjuic room. Until August 6 in Barcelona enjoy the movies under the starry sky, surrounded by the magic of the Castell del Montjuic.

5. Open-air Cinema on the Beach

On August 5, in Barcelona, discover the film exhibition that takes place at the CEM La Mar Bella. Exceptionally, in this last session the film is chosen by public vote. Due to the health crisis, however, there will be limited capacity and a prior reservation will have to be requested. Enjoy the best cinema by the sea.

6. Malditas Plumas

During August in Barcelona, discover the futuristic cabaret show by Solo Picó in a small room at the TNC. The show takes a tour through the different life stages of the main character. A mixture of tenderness and decadence. The plot is based on showing the life of a star of the Parallel, reflecting on human and universal themes, such as death, loss, and the fear of oblivion. She enjoys this cabaret show where irony and humor are key factors.

7. Palo market fest

With a renewed format, and adapted to the current health situation, the Palo Market Fest returns this August in Barcelona. This year, therefore, the schedule changes, and we can enjoy the exhibitors from 2:00 p.m. to midnight. Discover the magnificent exhibitors of designers and artisans, while you eat all kinds of international dishes from the food trucks on the market. The location of the market is at Calle de los Peleteros, 30 in Poblenou. Do not miss this unique market this August 1 in Barcelona.

8. Born at Night

A new edition of this cultural bet comes to us from the Born center of culture and memory. The proposal is simple, throughout the week they offer us different options for routes through the alleys and corners of this neighborhood of Barcelona.

9. Summer Nights at the Caixaforum

This August in Barcelona the Caixaforum will host different events on Summer Nights every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. A cultural proposal whose protagonists are poetry, music, performing arts and cinema. It will include poetry recitals by Alberto San Juan and Fernando Egozcue; Enric Casasses + DonSimón and Telefunken; Violeta Gil and Abraham Boba, and Versonautas. You can also enjoy the concerts of Carles Marigo with Breaking Bach, Black Pearls of Gospel and Antonio Serrano with Tootsology.

10. Science Friction

This August in Barcelona the exhibition “Friction Science. Life among companion species ” to the CCCB. This exhibition starts from the premise that all species are interrelated. In other words, the species or are independent, are part of an ecosystem. This makes them create a network of collaborations and mutations that they share as partners. To portray this reality, the exhibition is inspired by two key figures in the world of science: DonnaHaraway and Lynn Margulis.

11. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec Exhibition

During August in Barcelona discover the Henri Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition. This exhibition offered by the Real Círculo Artístico presents some of the artist’s best-known series. In this exhibition you will find some of Lautrec’s series most focused on the world of circus. The artist was inspired by characters such as the clown Cha-O-Kao, the ringmaster Monsieur Loyal or the clowns Footit and Chocolat. Among the sketches, you can also enjoy the typical Toulouse-Lautrec posters.

12. Splash. Water Party

Every Saturday and Sunday in August, the Spanish Village of Barcelona celebrates the Water Festival. The entire Spanish town prepares for the party with various activities in its squares. To begin with, in the main square we can find inflatable water castles, balloons, sprinklers and water guns. Then, in the Plaza Baluarte we will find different games of skills: a giant bubble workshop, a huge target to shoot with balls, a game of basketball baskets, a target game with rings, goal to practice penalties and a table football. Soak up this August in Barcelona with the Pueblo Español Water Festival, undoubtedly one of the funniest events of this summer.

13. El Mago Pop

With the show Nada es Imposible, the Pop Magician presents his great illusionism show. The show tells a spectacular story through tricks and magic games. Antonio Díaz (El Mago Pop) is an international artist in the field of illusionism, and has spent two years preparing this show. Without a doubt, the show’s success has been immense, making it the highest-grossing artist in Spain. You can see it throughout the month of August at the Victòria Theater in Barcelona.

14. In real time

Until January 9, 2022, enjoy the Rafael Tous exhibition, “In real time”. It is a collection that was loaned by the collector Rafael Tous. He opted for art as a concept, for this reason in this exhibition we can find a compilation of the attitudes and experimental works carried out by a group of artists.

15. A dinner under the stars

From the Fabra Observatory, near Tibidabo, we can enjoy a dinner under the light of the stars. For 72 euros they will offer us an astronomical menu below as well as being able to see the constellations that surround the planet from the telescope. Enjoy a starry night and conquer the galaxy just steps from home, a unique event for this August in Barcelona.

16. City tours

The MUHBA takes up its cycle of routes to get to know Barcelona. Discover the history behind every street, every building and every neighborhood in the city. During this month there are different routes that you can do. Get ready to walk and have learned the history behind the city of Barcelona. During the year the museum offers different routes, this month you can learn how the Gothic quarter was built or listen and read testimonies of the neighbors who built the refuge under the Montjuic castle. If you want to know the city in depth and learn about its history, you cannot miss these routes.

17. Casa Amatller

After months of shutdown and closure due to the health crisis, Casa Amatller reopens its doors to the public. For half its usual rate, in this case 12 euros, you can enter and observe the structure of a house inspired by the Dutch houses of the seventeenth century. Enjoy this summer in the house designed by the famous architect Puig y Cadafalch. The price includes a guided tour through the building as well as a box of the now famous chocolate leaves from the Amatller house. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

18. Culture in the Terraces

During the month of August, the terraces of Barcelona offer a wide range of cultural events, from concerts to DJ sessions. Have a thing accompanied by the best soundtracks of this summer. Don’t let any of these events escape you and enjoy them with a drink in hand.

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