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/ July, 2020
What to do for free in Barcelona

Hello Sharies! Today we are going to help you to enjoy Barcelona, without spending any money on it. 

Find out all you can do for free in Barcelona.

1. Markets

In first place, Barcelona offers a great variety of markets: second-hand, vintage, crafts…

Within the most famous there are the Flea Market and On the Garage. Strolling through its stands, looking for unique and original pieces, is for sure one of the best free plans in Barcelona. 

What to do for free in Barcelona

2. Picnic in the park

Barcelona has a lot of parks. Places full of life and good vibes, a perfect free plan in Barcelona. Why don’t you organize a picnic below the shade of the trees and enjoy the moment with your friends? Moreover, if you get tired of this you can always go see the fountains!

3. Have a beer with a view

In Barcelona we can find a lot of viewpoints, like the Bunkers, Park Güell , Mundet. Even if you can’t see them at first sight, they offer an unique opportunity to observe the skyline of Barcelona.
Therefore, if you are looking for a chill plan, we suggest you visit them. And, enjoy a beer while looking for free at the best view under the city lights and mountains.

4. Museums

During the first Sunday afternoon of the month you can enjoy most of the museums in the city for free. Museums like MACBA and CCCB have already restarted their activities. However, it would be best if you got there early to be sure to get your ticket.

What to do for free in Barcelona

5. Sagrada Familia

The visit to the Sagrada Familia is not for free, except if you take part in the Mass at 9 am on Sundays. Despite that, it is a must if you are going to visit Barcelona. But, be careful, it’s just until maximum capacity. Do not miss the opportunity!

What to do for free in Barcelona


6. Horta labyrinth 

Do you like challenges? In the Horta neighbourhood, there is a labyrinth waiting for you. Entrance is for free, so there are no excuses! Encourage yourself and show your friends you can do it before them.

7. Neighbourhood celebrations

Since the beginning of the year to autumn, the Barcelona neighbourhoods are full of celebrations. Streets fill of music, tradition and amusement. The most famous is the Fiesta de Gracia, showing their decoration and the Fiesta de Sants with their particular contest to become the best decorate street of the neighbourhood. However if there is a celebration you cant miss it will be the main celebration of them all, where all the streets prepare to receive la Mercè.

8. Visit the Tibidabo

There are different ways to get to the Tibidabo: train, bus, funicular. But if you want to keep fit, you can also walk or go by bike.
From the top, you can admire the fantastic view over Barcelona, besides visiting the temple of Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

What to do for free in Barcelona

9. Graffiti tour

Barcelona is an open-air art gallery. Walking through its streets, you can find amazing pieces that you ever saw embodied in their walls. Creations like the ones of Axe Colours. The most recommended neighbourhoods are Poblenou and Gracia.

What to do for free in Barcelona

10. Cinema at the beach

In summer, the cinema at the beach is one of the best free plans that you can imagine. From August, we can enjoy a film again with feet in the sand! Enteprises like “Cinema lliure” offer us a substitute for enjoying the new billboard below stars.

What to do for free in Barcelona

11. Churros con Chocolate

If you want to have a good time in a fantastic atmosphere, you cannot forget Churros con Chocolate. Sala Apolo invites us to one of its best parties, a Sunday per month. Entrance is for free, and it includes a surprise.

12. Strolling and fall in love

Barcelona is a charming city. Every neighbourhood is unique and strolling through its streets is for free and make us so happy. Put on your best shoes and go to discover every corner!

What to do for free in Barcelona

13. Visit the castle

Montjuic is a castle on the top of the hill of Barcelona. It’s close to the harbour, and it’s one of the most commonplace in the city. Not only for its history also for being one of the active places in Barcelona. For example you can see bow contest, cinema or concerts. Despite the fact the entrance is not always for free, you can take a walk around the castle and gardens.

What to do for free in Barcelona
What to do for free in Barcelonawww.teleferincdemontjuic.cat

14. Harbour

“Stand by for boarding!” Have a walk through the sports harbour, close to the beach. Surprise yourself with all kind of boats, cruises, there is even a Pirate Cruise!

What to do for free in Barcelona

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