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/ August, 2020
What to do in September 2020 in Madrid

If you don’t know what to do this September in Madrid, on this list you will find the best plans to avoid getting bored.

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Ellas crean 2020

This festival is a tribute to women, performing arts, music, debates, poetry are some examples that we can see on September 23 and 26. In this festival they are the protagonists and creators of everything we can see. Without a doubt, an example of solidarity due to the inequality that women still suffer in today’s society.

Qué hacer en septiembre 2020 en Madrid

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

A magical night full of passion for fashion. Some neighbourhoods of Madrid dress up to celebrate a night in the purest fashion week style. During this night the establishments and shops of Madrid extend their hours to celebrate activities and fashionable poses for the fans of the brand. This night has been celebrated every year since 2009 and more and more people are joining in this tribute to the fashion brand. It remains to be seen if this year’s edition will have a different touch due to the COVID-19 situation.

Japan Weekend 2020

Move to Japan a few steps from your home. During September 26 and 27, one of the biggest cultural fairs of the year takes place in Madrid. The Japan Weekend is a fair where everything related to the Japanese world comes to life. Are you a fan of any manga or anime? Are you wanting to see how your idols dance or see how they cover their dances? Or are you passionate about the world of cosplay and would you like to participate in the contest? Don’t miss this event and open your eyes to the land of the rising sun.

Open Studio Madrid

Large, small, old and young, men and women meet at the open studio in Madrid. A contest that promotes the growth and support of contemporary artists. Here we can admire creations of the best visual artists on the current scene, visit the studio and see how they do it. Therefore, participate or let yourself be carried away by the harmony that his works give off.

Classic nights of the Olivar

If you prefer classical music and want to enjoy it, in a unique environment such as the Olivar del castillejo site in Chamartín, you cannot forget to visit it before September 12. During the first weeks of the month, a wide variety of classical music performances will take place that will fill every corner in the garden with melody. With the exception that this year it has a limited capacity of 100 people due to the health crisis, do not miss the chance.

XI Solidarity Festival “La ciudad de la Raqueta”

For more than ten years, artists of national renown have come together at this festival to raise awareness about the situation that some current groups are experiencing. The money from the festival is used to help and donate to NGOs founded here and with social causes. Artists of the level of Dani Martín, Hombres G and Alejandro Sanz have ever met to carry out these editions inside the sports hall of Ciudad de la Raqueta.

Party Corral de Cervantes

Run! Let your friends know! The fourth edition of the play festival corral de Cervantes arrives at the Madrid Río park. A tribute to the old comedy corrals where there will be activities for all audiences, from the great to the smallest. In addition, there will be food and craft stalls so that you do not stay hungry and you can take home a souvenir of these days. Do not miss it before it ends, on September 20 they will close their doors.

The Beauty and the Beast musical

From the same producers of the play The Lion King or Les Misérables,The Beauty and the Beast arrives to the Cofidis theater. Useless to say, we cannot miss this classic!

III Edition of the race “La penitencia de los Austrias” (Still not confirmed)

The third edition of this beautiful race through the old part of the city of Madrid is back. A race that aims to promote sport among citizens and in turn enjoy some of the oldest streets in the capital. 6 km of route along a closed circuit where everyone can participate. Strap on tight, stretch and … start running!

Toy Market in Madrid

Another edition for toy lovers, whether new or collector’s, is back on September 5 in Madrid. Toys of all styles, brands, and ages will be sold, displayed and exhibited in this market. If you have always liked Toy Story or you are dedicated to collecting some toys, you cannot miss this monthly convention.

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